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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

The Heroine and Hero of Romance

When we think of romance, we think of love, engagements, and weddings, of course. When I think of romance, I think about the essence of falling in love. Looking into the eyes of my soul mate, and seeing deeply inside of him; noticing his love for me and vice versa. I truly can call myself the heroine of romance. My true soul mate is the hero of romance. Are we a fairy tale? We are, but in the real world our love follows the rules and regulations of the test.

The test is many conflicts to destroy our relationship, the heroine and hero has with each other. This could be in the stumbling block of other men, or other women, children, relatives, a career, or lack of. This is what makes a romance. Will the heroine and hero continue to grow in their love, and fight the blocks of the devil as the conflicts begin to hit them left and right? Will they be able to counter attack? By the end of the novel, it’s a sure bet that the attacks will cease, and a happily ever after ending will be the contributing factor.

A heroine is a woman admired for her achievements and qualities. She can have a promising career, such as an attorney, and take care of her family, and still maintain her kindness. She’s the principal female in a romantic episodic story. A hero will see this woman helping others, and he will fall hopelessly in love with her. A heroine can be over twenty, gorgeous, and smart.

A hero is a man with great courage. A man who has beaten the odds against poverty and all obstacles in his path; a mythology and legend. Usually this kind of man is wealthy, debonair and handsome. He has women flocking to him for many reasons. But when the hero meets the heroine, and their eyes meet, the tension of heat escapes their pores, all the way down to their toes. The electricity is mind-boggling just with a glaze or stare. The hero knows that this heroine is his, and it’s his goal to conquer her, amidst all of his secrets.

When you put the hero and heroine together in a story it reeks of magical proportions, and the two come together as the chemistry is apparent. They fight their attraction for each other, but that heat is too strong to ignore.

As we turn the pages, as readers, we are captivated by the heroine and hero, and we want the two of them to find love against all odds. All the supporting characters and demons, we continue to turn the page until they disappear. The hero and heroine find that true happiness at the end of the rainbow, the tunnel and in bed.

The heroine and hero make a romance novel and this is why we read them, and continue to love romance novels. It makes us realize that our hero or heroine is right around that corner. Have you found your heroine? Have you found your hero? I am still searching for my hero in the midst of the losers that I meet, but I know my hero will appear sooner than later, and I can’t wait. In the meantime, I will continue to read my heroine and hero in romance novels. Why not? I am just a stepping stone away for romance, and then some….Duh!

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