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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Romance, Kimani Style

Romance comes in all forms, historical, mystery, and contemporary. I would love a romance with some added mystery. I found a series of romance that allures that love is right around the corner or at first bite. The books are from the Kimani series, which is housed by Harlequin.


Kimani introduces African-American characters where we can read about people just like us, and their everyday problems. The books are short, and the print version is only $6.99.  Harlequin also introduced e-books which can be read on your ereader, such as the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. I am now into the e-book formation of books. I can purchase them and download them in a matter of seconds, without having to wait for them to be mailed to me.

The series for Kimani books are:

Kimani Press Kimani Romance – love stories filled with drama and passion – the covers of the books are enticing and very seductive, they immediately take you on a ride of romance.  Here are just a few listed for your deep reading pleasure.

 Boardroom Seduction

  Freefall to Desire               Two to Tango

Kimani Press Special Releases –

Whatever You Like
This was truly a favorite of mine.

Kimani Press Arabesque

Ignited by Passion

There are even romances for teens with the Kimani Press TRU


The Kimani line has a book for everyone and it takes you to erotic places, and conflicts, but at the end the two main characters, their fight to the finish line of happiness, romance style. I can relate to these books because besides the romance, and some mystery added, it’s the man meets woman, and the sparks fly, and the chemistry is mind-boggling. I find myself picturing the heroine and hero in my mind, and following them to the tunnel of heavenly love.

The writers of Kimani romance are talented and experts in the field of romance and they guide you along the way of getting to know your characters, and feeling their pain. I love these romances, and so thrilled that BET, and now Harlequin recognized the
African-American community, and that we want to read romances about us. The struggles and conflicts that we go through in our everyday lives, and the quest to find that special man and woman for all eternity. This is what I want to read about.

So get into the mood on a snowy and winter day and curl up with a Kimani romance by Harlequin.  Go on a rendezvous of love and romance.  You will truly be glad you took the ride.

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