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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Romance Therapy….

I am sick, I am stressed, I am broke and poor, I am upset, I hate my job, I need to take a trip, I am so unhappy, I am so sad, I miss my mother and father, my sister lost her job, I am fat, I can’t find my soul mate, etc. This is definitely how every day life exists for most of us, and maybe all of us. I need to find another job; I don’t have any money, or food to eat. My daughter is a selfish brat, my grandchildren get on my nerves, I need to be alone, and again this list is endless. What do we do when life is so unfair?

My solution is the process of reading, and writing, which is my therapeutic avenue of contemporary sanity. If not, I will go insane, crazy, and nuts. I get into the mode of reading a romance novel. A romance novel takes me into another world, where someone else has conflicts, and most of the time we share the same battles. This is my solution to sanity.

Right now I am focused on Gwynne Foster. “Once in a Lifetime- the Harrington Series” truly broke me out of my own problems, conflicts, chaos, and sadness. I found happiness in the characters in the midst of love. In Once in a Lifetime, the two main characters Telford and Alexis meet when she comes to his house as a housekeeper. Telford falls instantly in love with Alexis, and her daughter, Tara. Of course, the skeptics are saying people don’t fall in love so quickly, but I believe that true love is a testament to finding your mate in five minutes. I hold this up, so “shut the front door” and move on.

Ms. Foster focuses on the Harrington brothers, Telford, Russ and Drake. I have to admit I stumbled upon Russ’s story first, “After the Loving” but this is because Velma is a full-figured woman, and I was intrigued. Russ instantly feels the attraction, but Velma has a lot of issues. When I read, Once in a Lifetime, Russ and Velma were introduced; Velma is Alexis’ sister. What is the concept of both sisters finding love with the Harrington brothers? It does happen, believe it or not.

Anyway, Ms. Foster is a talented storyteller in more ways than one. She had me turning page after page until I turned the last page, and wanting more. I am pleased to announce that Drake's story continues in Love Me or Leave Me. I am currently reading this book now. Guess what, I haven’t thought once about my illness or the sadness. I am smiling all over myself and this is because of Drake and Pamela, who also met in Once in a Lifetime. The Harrington brothers have a lot of childhood issues, and they are not easy to live with, but you have to check out these wonderful books from fantastic and prolific author, Gwynne Foster. Her books will heal the sadness and bring joy to your inner being. I guarantee it.

So when sadness, a terrible job, unemployment, the economy get you down, don’t jump off a building; find a book by Gwynne Foster, or any author, and read, read, and read about romance. You will definitely feel a whole lot better. I feel just fantastic, illness and all.

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