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By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

The Religion of Romance of the Christian level

I love all kinds of romance, and one of the romance genres I am coming into is the Christian romance level. I just finished a book called What Kind of Fool by Rhonda McKnight. I like these kinds of books because there is romance, but the evolution of the novel is based on God. As we know, God is the center of the universe, so we want to give him the glory.

"What kind of fool" tells of a divorce in the making, but the conflicts like the husband cheating is the issue of forgiveness. With religion as the backbone, spouses seemed to forgive easily. We have to ask ourselves what we would do in a situation like this. Would we forgive a cheating spouse? I know I wouldn't, but if I take into consideration the religion standpoint, then forgiveness can be an option. Religion is not just about omitting curse words, and refraining from sex, but an affirmation of right and wrong. We want to respect others, and hopefully get the same in return. Christian books keep the religion in tact, but humans will continue to make mistakes. In Christian romances the couple is on the path of marriage, and not sinning. Scriptures are added, and God is the reference. In any trials and tribulations prayer is the key and the characters are on an evolution of prayer to get through the crisis in their life.

4In other instances, one of the characters doesn’t believe in God, and this is a testament to understanding that God does exist, and he’s right there when you need him. The characters in this book soon realize this fact in a nutshell.

So as I continue my trend of romance, I am introduced to religion in a Christian format for romance. You can find more books from Rhonda McKnight at

I love reading these books and the messages that comes along with the words from the author. So take a ride with me and romance, religion and Christian style. You will be entering into another jargon of romance, and you will be happy that you took this ride. I know!

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The Religion of Romance of the
Christian level

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