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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

The Gift of Christmas

Of course, we know Christmas is celebrating the gift of life, and acknowledging that Jesus died for our sins. Christmas is also celebrating the birth of Jesus, his birthday. But, Christmas to most, is giving gifts to friends, family and possibly strangers, which is the productive side of this holiday.

Christmas to me is sharing the gift of love, having family and friends celebrate with you, and thanking God for seeing another wonderful Christmas Day. I think most people are more friendly and compassionate, and holiday cheer is all around us. This is the day where the fantastic gift of loving comes out for most people.

I know children appreciate Christmas because they have a list of toys and gadgets they want. I am sure that the Xbox, tablets, cell phones, etc., will be the gift of giving this year.

My gift would be the gift of books. I’m a fantastic spokesperson for books. I love reading, and it’s the essence of my being. I love writing books, and this is the second quintessence of my existence. I want to give a book for my Christmas presents.

Remember, books educate the mind, and there are so many books out there on a variety of subjects from biographies, romance, self-help, religion, the dummies collection, and the list is endless. Let’s give more books this Christmas.

I know in my family, my granddaughter and I are the only readers in the family. We love books, all kinds of books, and we spend most of the time we have reading, which isn’t much when you’re working and going to school. We have to get reading in there somewhere, if it’s our lunch break at work, or our lunch time at school. At school we’re reading our textbooks.

I love reading, and I thank God for books. I also thank God for the gift of writing. My books educate, and give a dose of reality all over the place, and then some. I love reading romance novels, biographies, textbooks, and the list is endless. So if you know me, books will be my Christmas gift.

I just completed reading The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom by Terrence J. He’s a personality that I like watching on E news, and I’m curious about the people that I watch. How did they get started in the business; what trials and tribulations did they have to pursue to make their dreams come true? I understand a lot about Terrence J reading his book. His mother was the most positive person in his life, and she assisted him with achieving his goals. He’s a very blessed person to have the positive aspects of his mother’s guidance. This is why I read books because I learn so much.

In the romance department, my favorite, of course, I completed Runaway Attraction by Farrah Rochon. This story was about a model, and her prominent family, and the jealously which tries to ruin this family. The lasting ingredient is the romance between the heroine and the hero, and a happily ever ending at the end, through a horrific amount of conflict.

I can go on and on about books, but I have to stop. From little children to adults, give a book as your Christmas gift. It’s the most productive and best Christmas present in the world. Introduce your family, friends, and strangers to the concept of reading. It’s the most powerful gift for Christmas you can give someone. It’s the only present I need and want.

Read, read and read! I dare you!

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