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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

The Spring of Romance

Spring is here, and its time to enjoy the hot, warm and sizzling weather. It's also time to sit on the beach and get your reading on. The beach is absolutely my favorite place to enjoy a good book on my iPad. My favorite website to check out the summer months in books, is which introduces the world of books. They have a fabulous spring collection for April, May and June.

Look at these excellent books of romance. I love reading romance for the summer; it's kind of like a rendezvous on the beach of romance. I am crazy, so shut the front door!

Anyway, Kimani Romances are the bomb and then some. These books are filled with instant romance, a man meeting a woman, their eyes meet, the chemistry enters, the heat arises, the pulse is racing, not to mention the anticipation of a romance in the making. The hero and heroine fight the attraction as the conflict plays into the scenario, of course. But at the end of the novel, love is in the air, and a wedding is soon to follow.

Don't we just love romance? Who doesn't believe in the institution of romance? In the midst of all the sorrow and the tragedy in the world, romance makes you smile, and forget about the issues for a few hours, as you sit on the beach, and celebrate with a Kimani romance. Remember, this could be you.

I am still believing that my romantic hero is right around that corner of love, but in the meantime I will engross myself in my romantic novels; as I sit on the beach and escape into my rendezvous of love.

Also, remember that--------reading is educational and pleasurable. Pick up a Kimani romance today


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