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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

The Burden of Life/Romance

In the midst of romance, I find myself burden with so many issues in my life. When it rains it pours, and this is a true statement. Issues come down like lightening and thunder. It's ready to strike you down and leave you suffering all over the place, and then some. It could literally kill you in your tracks if you are a weak human being.

The recent passing of actor Robin Williams was very unsettled to me, and I am sure others, especially his family and friends. A man with so much laughter in his life should have never in a million years taken his own life. Who am I to judge this man? I didn't really know him, but he made me laugh, and I will truly miss him. I do sympathized with him because he was depressed, and he had a disease that he couldn't deal with. I do understand his plight-----I wanted to contemplate the same faith, but God is my source, and he will take care of me, always and forever.

When the issues bombard me, I turn to books. Reading is the evolution of my soul, and I have been reading since I was fourteen years old-----I am fifty-two years old now, and romance is my genre. I love reading romance with happily ever after endings, and finding that rainbow at the end of the tunnel.

It alerts my soul when two people meet, date and court, fall in love, and against the chaos of conflicts, get married; living happily ever after. As you can see I love romance, and that will never change for me. Romance is the essence of love, and the bonding of two people, reuniting their souls together forever, and ever. Romance is compromise, love, soul mates, conflicts, egos, selfishness, giving, interactions, faith, relationships, happiness, honesty, loyalty, and a reunion of minds, bodies and soul. Romance is the ultimate hope for everyone. It's the key of joy on earth.

In reality, I am living in a fantasy land because there is divorce, spousal abuse, infidelity, physical and verbal abuse, murder, and the list goes on and on. Trials and tribulations is a matter of fact, but when two people are deeply and truly in love, it conquers all, and the devil has no place in your relationship or marriage. When God is evident, your romance will blossom in full-bloom, and love will be the ending factor.

As 2014 continues it's fast departure, I have read a lot of books of romance with conflicts, and interesting career goals. Here are a few you should check out:

1. Bad Boy Seduction - Zuri Day
2. A Good Dose of Pleasure - Zuri Day
3. Just My Type - Synithia Williams
4. Our First Embrace - Judy Lynn Hubbard
5. Burning Desire - Kayla Perrin
6. Legal Seduction - Sharon C Cooper
7. Night Games - Lisa Marie Perry
8. Love Takes All - J.M Jeffries
9. Last Chance at Love - Gwynne Forster
10. Unforgettable - Delaney Diamond

I can go on and on with the romance books I have read this year, and I still have so many more to read on my Kindle Fire, and the kindle application on my tablets, and smart phones. There's no excuse for not reading a book of romance with all the technology present. As I said often, reading educates the mind, relieves the soul, nurture that love of emotions inside of you, give hope for others to find their soul mates, and take away the burden of the trials and tribulations of your life.

Wow, why wouldn't you want to be a part of romance? Are you crazy, lol? I think not------so when you feel depressed, or can't live anymore, pick up a book of romance, and gravitate to the characters, which might just be a solution to your problems. In reality, seek professional help for your depression state before it ends up in a tragic mess.

Remember, when there is love in your life, and romance follows, depression is just a word, and romance is everlasting, if you believe. I do!

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