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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Introducing Kyia Wilson

Carol: Give us a short bio about yourself.

Kyia: I grew up in Bronx, New York and later migrated to Westchester County and I am a single parent of one daughter. I graduated from Tuckahoe High School, Everest University-Tampa, and currently attend Grand Canyon University. I have my Associates degree in Paralegal Studies and I am currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Christian Studies. I enjoy reading, writing, praise-dancing, decorating, and singing. If I am not helping someone I feel incompetent. I have a passion for people and children which allows me to always see the good in someone as appose to the negative. I work hard to accomplish dreams, goals, and aspirations for I look forward to leaving a great landmark for the next generation to follow.

Carol: Explain your writing journey.

Kyia: I have been writing for as long as I could remember. I always kept journals as a child in which I would fill up with poems, songs, my emotions, thoughts, and feelings. I would write short stories and reread them to have something to look upon in my spare time. In high school I received the honor of second place in the Jaye Murray writing contest. I have written songs for choirs and musicians. Writing is just something I am able to do in abundance for it reveals a part of me and my heart.


Carol: What is the name of your current book and give a synopsis of it.

Kyia: I actually have two books out but the most current is titled: Marriage is Ministry. It tells of the passion that a husband and wife hold for another and for God. Through the words you can see their family unit and their spiritual walk with God along with their dependency upon Him (God).


Carol: Who is your publisher?

Kyia: At the current time it is Xlibris


Carol: Do you have an agent? If so, why and why not?

Kyia: No I do not have an agent. Depending upon if the person has my best interest I would not mind one but for right now I am flying solo.


Carol: Did you self-publish or go the traditional route?

Kyia: I went all the way with self. I did the research on where to go to become published and then paid the way to reach my destination.


Carol: What are your views on the writers of today?

Kyia: All I would say is that the people need to be encouraged and uplifted. People need to be educated and nourished. When you write upon those levels then you have a productive audience.


Carol: How do you feel about writing?

Kyia: I love everything about it. It is my favorite form of expression and the best gift anyone could give me. I would not mind tangible things but, nothing is like a card filled with words of expression.


Carol: Is writing a hobby or a full-time job?

Kyia: No. It is a part of my lifestyle.


Carol: What is your genre of writing? Explain.

Kyia: Religious. I write according to my spiritual being in which I am a Christian. I write based upon what my heart is saying and my love for God.


Carol: What are your other published books?

Kyia: I have one other book out which is titled: Oh Husband Where Art Thou?


Carol: What is the message in your books?

Kyia: Faith and Love.


Carol: What are your views on a traditional publisher?

Kyia: I have none actually since I am brand new to being published at all, I am not familiar with traditional.


Carol: Are you a reader? If so, what are your favorite authors?

Kyia: Oh yes! I enjoy reading. My favorite three authors that I could read all day are Carl Weber, Bishop T.D Jakes, and Neil Clark-Warren.


Carol: Do you write short stories or poems, or both?

Kyia: I actually do both and am currently working on more material.


Carol: What success has publication of your books/novels done for you?

Kyia: It is scratched off my list of accomplishments that I only imagined but had seen come to pass.


Carol: Have you done a books signing? If so, was it a success or failure?

Kyia: No I have not completed that portion. When I do I would want more than three books on the table. Just to have a variety of books for readers to choose from.


Carol: What voice do you write in and why?

Kyia: I write in character so that the reader can really grasp how the character is feeling and what they are saying.


Carol: What are your tools for marketing your books? Explain.

Kyia: I use social networking and every once in a while hand out a book mark, flyer, or card.


Carol: Do you belong to a book club?

Kyia: No. I actually stay away from those.


Carol: Do you read on an electrical device, or do you prefer the feel of books?

Kyia: I have to turn the page!


Carol: What is your favorite electrical device?

Kyia: If I eventually buy one it would be the kindle.


Carol: What is your opinion on the e-book craze?

Kyia: It is a great thing especially for those people who conduct their business using technological devices.


Carol: Do you prefer e-books or print books?

Kyia: I am old-school. I prefer print.


Carol: Do you use your computer to write, or longhand?

Kyia: My laptop! I have to use my laptop.


Carol: Who is your support system for your writing?

Kyia: I would not say a “support system” but my inspiration is God and wanting to share a part of who I am with my family and the world.


Carol: Do you have an editor?

Kyia: No. I edit my own material.


Carol: Have you attended any writing classes, conferences, etc.?

Kyia: No


Carol: What motivates you to write?

Kyia: My feelings. Sometimes it is hard for me to express orally how I feel so I put it in writing.


Carol: Do you use social media such as face-book and twitter to promote your books?

Kyia: I have twitter that I am hardly ever on but I am consistent on Facebook.


Carol: If you could meet your favorite author/writer in the world, who would she/he be and why?

Kyia: Hands down Carl Weber! I like how he brings his characters to life and how he pants the picture so clear for the reader to see and even feel the thoughts and words of the character. He is an amazing writer!


Carol: Where do you wish to take your writing in the next three to five years?

Kyia: All the way! I would expand my poetry, write short stories, my biography, and novels.


Carol: Finish this sentence, “God is my motivation………”

Kyia: and the one I turn to for help.


Carol: What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Kyia: Do not just be new to it but really be true to it! This is not a get rich overnight thing. When your passion and heart is in it you will be blessed from it. It takes time to be noticed but keep being patient and keep writing!


Carol: Do you have a website/email address where your fans can reach you?

Kyia: Facebook ---


Carol: What do you want to accomplish with your writing in 2014?

Kyia: I would like to be featured in a writer’s digest or something. But most of all it is to keep writing and have at least 6 more books published.


Carol: If you had three wishes, what would they be and why?

Kyia: 1) Build a publishing company because finding the right publisher was tedious for me to do because you just never know who is going to be honest with you. 2) Create permanent homes for those who are homeless for there are so many without a place to live. 3) Help out different communities around the world to establish resource centers for their needs.

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