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Romance Serials: The Best in the Land
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

I love reading romance, and for those who read my column on, you know this fact about me. Romance to me is the rule of love, and finding that one true love. Do you still believe in romance?

In the romance arena there are plenty of books to keep your faith in love alive especially with Harlequin, and other publishers. I love the Kimani series of romance by Harlequin, and one of my favorite authors is Brenda Jackson. She has a series with the Westmoreland family. I have to tell you that this is the best romance series in the world and then some. Brenda Jackson is one of the best romance writers in this century.

I love romance, and I love romance serials---because they continue a trend of minor characters, and so forth, and the Westmoreland series, you all have to get on that bandwagon of reading. It begins with the first series in the book. Here’s a caption of the best series written:

• Delaney’s Desert Sheikh (Book 1)
• A Little Dare (Book 2)
• Thorn’s Challenge (Book 3)
• Stone Cold Surrender (Book 4)
• Riding the Storm (Book 5)
• Jared’s Counterfeit Fiancée (Book 6)
• The Chase is On (Book 7)
• The Durango Affair (Book 8)
• Ian’s Ultimate Gamble (Book 9)
• Seduction, Westmoreland Style (Book 10)
• Spencer’s Forbidden Passion (Book 11)
• Taming Clint Westmoreland (Book 12)
• Cole’s Red-Hot Pursuit (Book 13)
• Quade’s Babies (Book 14)
• Tall, Dark…Westmoreland! (Book 15)
• Westmoreland’s Way (Book 16)
• Wrapped in Pleasure (Book 17)
• Hot Westmoreland Nights (Book 18)
• What a Westmoreland Wants (Book 19)
• A Wife for a Westmoreland (Book 20)
• The Proposal (Book 21)
• Feeling the Heat (Book 22)
• Texas Wild (Book 23)
• One Winter’s Night (Book 24)
• Zane (Book 25)
• Canyon (Book 26)
• Stern (Book 27)
• The Real Thing (Book 28)
• The Secret Affair (Book 29)

As you can see this is a remarkable and long series. Ms. Jackson started with a 21-series collection, but the expansion has grown to 29 books. These books cover romance, and mostly family. There are parents, brothers, sisters, and cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, and the list is endless. The Westmoreland family are always together---bonding-- and they have each other’s back.

I love this series because of the romance, but my family is so dysfunctional, that it’s nice to read about a family who has all the qualities and commitment that rides the boats of love and kindness. I know this is fiction, but these series of books are about reality too.

While I love reading about the romance, I also love reading about the conflicts, the sibling rivalry, the anger, the hurt and the pain. I can relate to every story in the series, and I recommend reading the entire series from book 1 to book 29. You will read book 1, and end up reading the series like I did. I started off with book 1, and I was anxious to find out what happened in book 2. Ms. Jackson always contemplate the latter characters in the books before and after, so you get a chance on finding out did the heroine and hero have their wedding, or is a baby on the way?

Again, I can’t get enough of about this romance series. Ms. Jackson makes you get into the characters and dream about what your life could be like, or want to be like. I want to be like the heroine or hero. I want a family like the heroine or hero.

The Westmoreland’s is a powerful and rich family, and the parents are the leaders of the pack. It’s a mechanics of love, friendship, loyalty and honesty. So finish reading this column and then click on amazon, and begin your fascination with the Westmorland’s series by Brenda Jackson.

Take a ride with me and romance! Why not! What else is on your agenda?

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