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Romance Therapy
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson 

It has been a long journey as 2017 is upon us. We can remember that time doesn’t wait for anyone, and the years are passing as fast as we can blink our eyes. Hopefully, 2017 will be the year of changes.

Of course, there will be many new trials and tribulations of 2017, and I’m a witness to this important fact. The stresses are like bouts of snow in Chicago, Illinois. We hate the snow, and we wish it would go away and never come back. We also know that we will go through the good and the bad as this year continues.

I find myself stressed most of the time, but what gets me through the day and night is romance therapy. I could be stressing about a bill I need to pay, but can’t pay it because of lack of funds, a job I’ve been trying to find since 2016, a new relationship or a broke relationship, teenagers, thinking they are grown and not, I say! The list is endless for me, but there’s a rainbow at the end of my tunnel and it’s in the forms of books.

After a long day of stress at work, I come home and relax with my iPad mini or kindle paperwhite, and believe it or not, this peace and calm comes over me. I’m so in awe of this magical feeling that takes over my being, and brings a smile to my face.

When I open my kindle paperwhite or iPad mini, I’m moving into an arena of its own, like living on another planet, and in a world where my problems are on the backburner. I can still relate to someone who might be going through the same thing I’m going through. I might just find a solution to my problems right here in a romance novel. What do you say about that?

In 2016, I found some very interesting books I’ve been reading. Let me list a few:

Love Over 50 - JA Fielding (Club, BWWM)
Only Love - Victoria H. Smith (BWWM)
An Unlikely Love After 40 (BWWM)
Big, Mature and Still Got It: (BWWM)
More than Business (BWWM Billionaire)
14 Day Fiancée (BWWM Billionaire)

I can go on and on about these new books. They are only 0.99 a book, and free if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited. These stories are short, and about everyday life for interracial couples, full-figure women, and rich men meeting regular women. BWWM is the acronyms for (Black Women White Men) I love them and recommend them to everyone. Please check out BWWM-Club/ at Amazon to find these amazing books.

It amazes me every day the books that continue to invade my reading pleasure. They just keep coming and these books are so realistic that you will escape into their world for a moment or two, and forget about your problems of the world.

Therapy – to heal a disorder through treatment; healing power or quality; a treatment that helps someone feel better

I can go on and on as therapy gets into the mental conditions too, but this isn’t the definition I’m searching for. When you add romance to therapy you get another totally different definition of the word. You are finding an escape of happiness for a hero and heroine as they encounter the trials of life, and find a satisfactory solution at the end of the rainbow.

When I discharge into a world of romance, I am their family, the hero and heroine, and I want them to find happiness despite all the minor characters trying to disrupt their lives for the good. It’s a wonderful seepage of adventure and peace of mind. It’s like meditating and yoga together. You will feel that inner peace.

So, when you’re fighting the demon of bills, and more bills, life in general, and everything in between, pick up a book of romance and live a little into a bliss of heaven. Try it, because you’re going to like it! Come on and take a romance ride with me! Why not?

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