Between the Pages Past
By Dennis Collins


In the words of Bela LugosiÖ

††††††††††† ††††††††††† Allow me to introduce myself.

Iím Dennis Collins and among other things, I write mystery novels.Iím the one taking the handoff from Susan McBride. I just hope that I donít fumble it.I have had the pleasure of meeting Susan and serving with her on a panel at a writerís conference.Sheís a class act all the way.

My path to becoming a writer followed a lot of twists and turns, none of which ever suggested a future in the literary world.Being a Detroit boy, I naturally migrated to the high paying world of the auto industry where I enjoyed over thirty years in Manufacturing Engineering.

So how did I get into writing?I think that it was destiny. Iíve always been somewhat of a people watcher and my wildly diverse interests and hobbies have brought me in contact with an interesting array of characters. The people Iíve met while pursuing my forays into prizefighting, skydiving, motorcycle racing, hydroplane racing, and scubadiving, have been an interesting bunch, indeed. They all have personalities and they all have stories. Actually, the stuff that novels are made of.I couldnít just walk away and leave all of these gems in want of just a little polishing.My books are pure fiction but much of the flesh is real.

My first offering, The Unreal McCoy, was released a little over a year ago and my second novel, Turn Left at September, is currently being considered by a literary agent. Iím feverishly working on number three and gathering thoughts for the next dozen or so books in this series.

In the upcoming months, I hope to be able to share some interesting places, things, and people with all of you and will always be open to ideas and suggestions.

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