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Between the pages, Past
A Mystery Column
By Dennis Collins

Interview with Sylvia Hubbard

A couple of years back I stumbled on an internet group called, Motown Writers. Im a Detroit native and my mystery novels are set in Detroit so I decided to sign up and have a look around. I was surprised at the amount of helpful information available to subscribers. What was even more surprising was that the entire organization was the product of one incredibly energetic young lady. Her name is Sylvia Hubbard and I caught up with her at the GenreCon writers conference in Sarnia, Ontario.


Dennis Collins:   How long have you been writing and what made you decide to become a writer?

Sylvia Hubbard: According to my mother, Ive been a writer for as long as I could lie to her. After she would let me tell the lie, I would get a butt whooping and then I would have to write my lies down. Soon this punishment turn to pleasure and I begin to do more lying on paper than with my mouth. I decided at twelve once I read my first Johanna Lindsey novel that I wanted to become a novelist.


Dennis: What sort of books have you written? What genre?

Sylvia: My foundation genre has always been romance, but since Im a crime nut I write contemporary, suspense, intrigue and interracial all combined sometimes. In the future, Ill broaden out to young adult, Christian, and paranormal.


Dennis: Are your books a series or stand alones?

Sylvia: My books are stand alones, but I bring sub or main characters from other books into stories that Im writing. I dont know if this is done because Im lazy and just making up new characters would be a waste of time or because I love my characters so much that I love seeing them live on in other stories. Either way, my readers get a kick out of seeing the characters again and finding out more things about them and new readers go back and buy the other books to find out the other stories that these characters were in.


Dennis: You are self-published.  Any plans to move up to a major publisher?

Sylvia: I dont say self-published. I say Im an independent published author and publisher (because I assist other authors become published as well). I do have some plans of going with a major publisher, but only because I want to be able to reach more readers.


Dennis: You are the founder of Motown Writers.  How is that going?

Sylvia: I am the founder of Motown Writers Network, which is a private organization that helps readers connect to literary in Michigan and helps writers, authors and poets write, publish, promote and market. Weve been around for seven years, with 800 authors, poets, and writers and over 25,000 readers subscribed to our mailing list.


Dennis: Who are youre favorite writers?

Sylvia: I read anything and anyone who has ever written a good story becomes my favorite author. Theyd be too many to name and wed be here all day. Ive had a love for reading since my mother took the time out to teach me and I carry a book around with me everywhere I go.


Dennis: What about future projects?

Sylvia: Ill have my fourth paperback book due out in August called Secrets, Lies & Family Ties. Its a follow up from my third sensual noir called, Mistaken Identity. Also by the end of the year, Ill be releasing three e-books and in two anthologies, along with an Amazon Short too.


Dennis: What advice would you give to writers?

Sylvia: Read what you write and write what you love. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot accomplish your dreams and never let anyone take away your joy. Find time to write everyday and practice your love of writing whenever you can.    


Sylvia Hubbard has independently published 4 paperback books and over 10 e-books. Her foundation genre has always been romance, but she has ventured into suspense, erotic, mystery, paranormal and I/R. Always urban and contemporary styled, her writing is enjoyed all over the world by all nationalities. Shes always available for speaking opportunities at bookclubs, conferences, schools, and writing groups. In the upcoming year, she will be featured in several anthologies & will be publishing another paperback and 4 more e-books. She has a degree in Marketing/Management and minored in journalism, broadcasting (Specs Howard), drama, html programming, teaching assistant, customer service specialist, and commercial art. To find out more about her or see her future events, please visit her website at:

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