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Cozies with a Twist...
Reviewers: Brenda , Cheryl , Laura

Cozy mysteries can be traditional, police procedures, detective, professionals, foreign (Europe, etc), or amateur sleuths. We've see TV series become popular cozy book series (Murder She Wrote, Monk). And cozy book series become popular TV series (George Gentle, Inspector Lynley, Hamish MacBeth). Cozies have always been a favorite among traditional mystery readers (Hercule Poirot, Miss Marble, Nero Wolfe). The title of a cozy mystery generally gives a hint of what's to come, but over the years some authors have decided to have a little fun with their titles and their series. Check out February's Berkley/NAL authors and titles below..

Berkley / NAL Author Blogs

The Silence of the Library - Miranda James
[The Silence of the Libray Review]

It’s All in the Details - Meg London
A Fatal Slip Review]

Coffee, Tea or ... Yikes! - Kate Collins
[Throw in the Trowel Review]
The True Stories Behind Cape Willington, Maine - BB Haywood
[Town in a Strawberry Swirl) Review]

Dreams Really Can Come True - Hannah Reed
[Beewitched Review]

Food and Violence - Lucy Arlington
[Books, Cooks, and Crooks Review]

Q & A - Lucy Burdette
[Murder with Ganache Review]

A Tough Nut to Kill - Elizabeth Lee
[A Tough Nut to Kill Review]
Where Do You Get Your Ideas? - Avery Aames
[Days of Wine and Roquefort Review]
Nose in Book Just Naturally Leads to Murder - Kylie Logan
[A Tale of Two Biddies Review]
County Cork, Ireland - Sheila Connolly
[Scandal in Skibbereen Review]

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