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Beyond The Words
A Science Fiction / Fantasy Column
By Steven Shrewsbury

Summer Reading

I read a wide variety of things. Be it kids books, westerns, mob action pulp, horror, fantasy or things lurking in the bizarro realm. Here are a few suggestions for summer reading.


My ten year old is enjoying C. S. Lewis's PRINCE CASPIAN, a book I loved in my teen years. This is good stuff for the young and the not so young any more.



For those wanting a little more harsher fantasy, I recommend my friend Tim Lebbonís novel FALLEN.



In the horror genre I recommend Brian Keeneís new novel KILL WHITEY about an unkillable mobster...



For a good mobster read, BTW, get THE GODFATHER RETURNS by Mark Winegardner. This is an EXCELLENT book.



For something a tad more bizarre, pick up Gina Ranalliís great read CHEMICAL GARDENS. Then again, Iím a sucker for underground tales about, um, underground things...



And for a kicking small press title, get Bob Freemanís CAIRNWOOD: SHADOWS OVER SOMERSET.



and oh yeah, my horror novel HAWG will be released by Graveside Tales late in June. More on that in another article...


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