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By Courtney Skelton   

Towing Jehovah

Towing Jehovah stands alone as a story that not only stretches and boggles even the most imaginative reader, it sucks you into a world in which you until the very end leaves you guessing what the conclusion will be.

The main character Anthony Van Horne is an endearing character that while his flaws are great and have affected a great number of people, it is those flaws that make you want to empathize with him. Anthony’s father is one of the people in his life that has a knack for constantly ridiculing, mocking, and giving him grief. Just when he feels he is away from him and the constant persecution, He shows up towards the end of the book in a very unlikely place.

Cassy Fowler is a woman full of energy, wit, angst, and is determined to have her own voice heard on her stance on political and religious views. The only thing is now she has to rely on someone else who thinks quite the opposite of herself to survive. The book takes her on a journey that she could have never seen coming.

The story gels together rather well in the opening chapter, and from there takes you on a journey that has a number of peaks and valleys. Pretty close to every page there is a different character offering a different perspective that will make you pause and reflect, if not get a bible to cross reference what was written.

The writing of the book was without a doubt done with a lot of great thought into every detail as it is very easy to imagine every scene developing as you turn the pages. This is the first book that I have read by Mr. James Morrow yet I can see picking up other books of his. He without a doubt has a knack for writing stories that stimulate thought.

Towing Jehovah is an opus that once you turn the first page, you are onboard for the voyage of a lifetime that includes a two mile long corpse, angels, the Catholic Church, a disgraced sea captain, a salvaged ship for a second chance at redemption, A headstrong girl fiend, sunny days as well as hurricane conditions. It has a wealth of characters with each one having their own individual thoughts on what they have before them.

I would recommend this to anyone yet with one word of advice. This book is not something that can be read while you are also reading something else. This book needs your undivided attention to be able to absorb everything. Period.

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