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Beyond The Words, Past
A Science Fiction / Fantasy Column
By Courtney Skelton   

Two Reviews
(K V Johansen / Felix R. Savage)

This book will expand your mind….

By K V Johansen

Sepulchre surprised me. It starts out at a snail’s pace and never gained speed, yet the story did become more and more engaging as I went deeper into it.

It starts out with two separate stories that are over a hundred years apart and are completely different. As you read them, the two get closer and more similar as the pages go, until at the very end they become almost indistinguishable. Then at the end everything is wrapped up and all questions are answered, making the read worth your time.

I enjoyed the dialogue and found it very easy to follow, even when there was languages other than English spoken. Every description of how people looked, gestures they made, even down to when someone blushed, are all detailed with great detail.

My favorite character was seventeen year old Leonie. She sometimes made some youth full mistakes of judgment, yet I still found her to be very mature for her age.

Like most books, the strength of the story depends on how good the villain of the story is. That is to say the story must get you to have really have strong feelings of hate and get you to really think and fear that there is a chance that good will not prevail. This book delivers. The villain is ever present throughout, and makes you wonder what the outcome will be.

I personally read the hard back version of this, and would highly recommend this version. The reason I do is because this version has a book cover that contains pictures of the tarot cards that are mentioned throughout the book. It helped immensely to reference them when they were described.

I would say that this is a great book to anyone who is open to the idea that we all share a common bond. The story does center on the cards, yet it also just tells how we are all connected. Everything we do, down to the smallest acts, somehow effects the people around us.


…and this book will waste your time.

The Galapagos Incident
By Felix R. Savage

Felix R, salvage has written a science fiction (that has just a hint of fantasy) story that lost me for most of the story. It is a story that had huge potential, yet fell way short.

The characters are underdeveloped. If this book was another hundred pages or more, it is possible that character development could have happened. Then it would have been easier to adhere to, understand the motives of, and just get to know in general.

The plot line is way too sketchy. The motives behind the main characters are so under-explained that it felt like there is a whole lot that was not explained and was assumed that the reader knew about- which left me scratching my head in bewilderment. It shows moments of violence, and then stops. It intimates there will be sexual tension, and then there is none. The moments talking of advanced technology came up short as well as it only gave brief explanations at best. Each time the story started to get good, the story shifted to another plot line, and then continued with this pattern throughout the book. It just felt like the book was basically trying to be a prequel to something possible better. Just the same, with so many good books, I say save your reading time for something that is good from the get-go.

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