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Beyond The Words, Past
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By Courtney Skelton   

No Mercy
by Sherrilyn Kenyon

No Mercy is a non-stop thrill ride for any fantasy book lover. Spellbinding. It not only had characters and plot twists coming from every different direction, it gives you the unique perspective of every character as the story unfolded. It was easy to follow and see how everyone reacted to the surroundings.

To keep it real, I was not sure about the beginning. It started out reading more like a harlequin romance novel than a fantasy book. It was a soft start. That, fortunately, was only to get the plot started and give some relatable emotion to what was happening. Then I was not sure of how it was developing around the halfway point. It seemed like it was always bringing in new developments, which did not seem right, that late in the story. Then I changed how I looked at it. This story is much like a TV miniseries. I could easily see syfi.

In conclusion, for those who have followed Stephanie Meyers, this is an author who will wow you with mulifaceded plots, with the perfect blend of romance and fantasy. Sherrilyn Kenyon has plenty of books out there to sample, and this one here, is a great place to start.

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