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Beyond The Words, Past
A Science Fiction / Fantasy Column
By Courtney Skelton   

Two Reviews
(Michael Reaves/Reade Scott Whinnem)

This book will expand your mind…

Hell on Earth
by Michael Reaves

Hell on Earth was exactly the book I was looking for. Extremely well written. It is in-depth without dragging out into an extremely long book. Mesmerizing. Each chapter has its own cliffhanger! The plot twisted and turned from the very first page. It had three separate stories going in simultaneously that while you are caught up into each one, you don’t find out what the connection is until the very end. To keep it real, it is heavy on the movie references, mostly horror movies, which I was able to follow along okay with yet there is a chance another reader may get lost with these points. The end was a bit of a surprise. Don’t look ahead, you will regret it. If you have not read Michael Reaves, this is a good place as any to start.


This book will waste your time…

The Pricker Boy
by Reade Scott Whinnem

The Pricker Boy drew me in with a very ominous looking figure on the cover. It seemed to say that something very sinister. The synopsis also made me put down good money on the book as it read and felt like a thought provoking fantasy story with a horror chill to it. I could not have been more wrong. Poorly written. The story jumped around way too much, which limited any kind of flow to the story. The characters were underdeveloped to the point that it was arduous trying to relate to and or get to know them. The villain in the story never was developed into any kind of real threat. As far as that goes, there were several chapters where the there is no mention of the Pricker Boy. The descriptions and writing made it seem like this was not a published book but something written for a school assignment. To sum this up, it was like when someone tell you a story and then at the conclusion of it, and when there is not the wanted response, the story teller says “I guess you had to be there. This story is exactly that. I wasn’t there, so I didn’t get it.


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