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Illustrated Man
By Ray Bradbury

This is one sleeper of a science-Fiction book. I came across this book, and the version I got my hands on, had no sleeve over the cover. It was a solid black cover, with only the title on the cover. I had never read ray Bradbury, so I thought I was taking a chance. It was well worth it. The book has great descriptions of different planets as well as different time periods. The second surprising thing is the fact it was published in 1951. The story lines and descriptions are as fresh as any book of this genre written today. Then when you factor in how good the dialogue is and how easy it is to follow, it is easy to see how this is a great read. The only regret is not reading this sooner, as I would have loved to write and or talk to Ray. This is the first and only book I have read of his, yet on the strength of this book, I would recommend any of his work. If they are as good as this, you cannot go wrong.


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