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With Tetiana Aleksina & Tony Single

By Tetiana Aleksina & Tony Single

Mooreeffoc is a very short yet somehow compelling story that starts quickly and ends way too soon. I would like more descriptions of what is going on -IE where this takes place, what time frame. I really would have liked to have much more added to the story as the story left me wanting more. the dialogue kept me going as it hooked me in on every word spoken. It is largely based on emotion and thoughts within the plot line. This can be easily read in one sitting. It does have adult content, so this is not a children’s bedtime story. If you want a quick fantasy read, this will do the trick.


One Pulse: Cradle 2 Grave
by Tetiana Aleksina & Tony Single

This is something that normally would not fall into this category of book reviews I read yet I tried it. the short book is nothing that can carry any label, much less one, as it is collection of poems that seem to be okay being in a class by themselves. There seems to be a range of emotions, from bitterness with a taste of regret, a sense of ominous threat, self-doubt with a fair amount of self-awareness, all the way to heart-felt sorrow as well as an ominous fate. I personally like ‘not today’ and ‘you don’t say my name’ as my personal favorites yet there are plenty of others that are good enough to be bulletin board material.


Tetiana and Tony have agreed to take a few moments out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions to give us some insight behind the making of these two reads.

Corky- How did the story Moreeffoc come about?

Tetiana- I guess I started this mess. 'Tell me all about yourself.' It was a real request which I got on one site. Of course I was outraged! 'I can’t have witnesses.’ Somehow or other, I wrote the first three paragraphs then Tony caught the ball.

Tony- I don’t even recall how we settled on the story’s locale and characters, but once those things were in place the process of telling it from three different perspectives was quite fun and involved. It’s when Tati and I began to get an inkling of just how perfectly matched we would be as writers. Plus, she is indeed quite the cheeky one, which always keeps me on my toes!


Corky- Thanks to many big budget science fiction movies (and novels), there is a plethora of similar stories for readers of this genre to pick up and read. What do you think separates your story from the rest?

Tetiana- Well… because it’s written by us?

Tony- For me, the difference is in our use of language. Because English isn’t Tati’s native tongue, she often frames things in a way that is slightly unusual. This suits me just fine as my writing style is fairly idiosyncratic too. So, when we write something together, it often feels more cohesive than a collaborative piece normally would. In fact, it sometimes feels like some strange, freewheeling weirdo who’s stepped off a moon rocket on a visit to Earth, and they’ve decided to make field notes on what they see.


Corky- According to the web-site wikipedia- there is potentially a reboot of the television show ‘twilight zone’. If you were approached, would you consider have moreeffoc as the plotline of an episode?

Tetiana- Give me a moment. I need to check what this is… ‘Twilight Zone’. Oh, yes, sure thing! Do you have Rod Serling’s email? Oh my god, he died! Never mind. Who is the producer now?

Tony- Sure! Why not? I’ll take my payment in three monthly installments of a truckload of dark chocolate.

Tetiana- No. A bank transfer please.


Corky- One pulse-cradle to grave threw me a bit, I must say. It was not so much of the content or of how good it was, yet because I liked it (my 1st poetry book read). Having said that, what came easier for you to write, Moreeffoc, or opctg?

Tetiana- Both of them I can compare with gathering puzzles. When you see that a piece clicks and sets in the right place… yes, it is a challenge, and yet great fun at the same time.

Tony- For me, One Pulse was definitely the easier book to write because much of the poetry already existed. It was more a matter of collating it into one vaguely coherent mess. The illustrations, although fun to do, took a long time for us to plan and for me to draw. However, it was time well spent as we’re quite satisfied with the result!


Corky- opctg is some compelling stuff. Do you have more material and if so, enough for another installment for your readers?

Tetiana- You bet, Corky! We’re full of ideas and plans. ????? ? ??????.

Tony- Yes sir, yes sir. Three bags full, sir! Erm. Madam.


Corky- When you two write, do you set aside time together, or write each on your own and then get together and compare notes?

Tetiana- In different ways, actually. We do a bit of both.

Tony- Yes, sometimes we Skype, and write together like a house on fire. (A very creative house fire.) Other times we lock ourselves away from any and all distractions, and write alone.


Corky- Lastly, if your readers get only one thing from reading your work what would you want it to be?

Tetiana- Hwyl.

Tony- Herpes. Okay, okay, I kid! I don’t want anyone to get herpes. Actually, I couldn’t have put it any better than Tati just now. Hm. How does it make you feel? That’s what I’d ask anyone who reads our work. (Oh, and I don’t have herpes. Honest!)

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