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The God Wave
The God Wave Trilogy
By Patrick Hemstreet

Remarkable! The God Wave is a much needed addition to the SF genre. Patrick Hemstreet has now articulated a masterful story that has all the imaginary elements of a SF story, yet at the same time stays grounded enough to still sound and feel plausible. It starts out slow with one man’s idea how to better the world, and from there, it speeds up, and mushrooms into something much bigger. The characters are all easy to follow, even the ones who you don’t necessarily like and or cheer for. My favorite character is Chen Lanfen. The biggest challenge the book seemed to take on and conquer was the fact it detailed very specific ideas that normally only a neuroengineer, scientist, or any advanced mechanical engineer would talk about, yet it is detailed in an easy to understand language, without dumbing it down to the point no one would want to read it. Then there is the fact that every detail was described in a way that I never guessed as to what was happening. Considering this is a debut novel, is almost scary. I can only see him getting better as he goes.

Patrick Hemstreet is a novelist, neuroengineer, entrepreneur, patent pending inventor, special-warfare-trained Navy Medic, stand up comic, and actor. Despite an incredibly busy schedule, he has agreed to answer a few questions, to give some insight into the man behind the book.


Corky: Congratulations on what is clearly a book based upon a lot of tireless writing. How long did it take you to write THE GOD WAVE?

Patrick Hemstreet: The God Wave took two and half years. I find that stories emerge and transfer to the page at their own pace.


Corky: The story not only has a lot of twists and turns, it also expanded out and finished in a place I would have never would have predicted. Did you have the whole story mapped out, or did you let the story develop on its own?

Patrick: Both, I know that sounds peculiar. The story is outlined and mapped as it were. However elements emerge and change throughout the process. It is rare that the original inspiration is what you find on the page of a completed novel.


Corky: THE GOD WAVE is listed as science fiction on the back cover (cutting edge SF no less), is that the genre you would use for this?

Patrick: I like the term “cross genre.” My book crosses the lines between sci-fi, tech thriller, and spirituality. I hope that readers share my view.


Corky: Some of the elements of the story line seemed so real they make you think they are possible. Do you see any of the scenarios in this book becoming a reality?

Patrick: Neuroplasticity is real. I admit that I take it to another level, but I do believe that our brains change and adapt based on dominant thought patterns.


Corky: Every year- there are approximately 300, 000 plus books published annually, in the United Stated alone. What do you think separates your book from the rest?

Patrick: Well I would say the cross genre aspect I spoke of earlier. I think that my book would be enjoyable to a wide variety of readers. I can only hope that the literary public shares this sentiment.


Corky: THE GOD WAVE is your 1st novel, and I do see now you have one more. Do you see yourself writing more, or moving onto something else?

Patrick: I am currently working on the third book in the series and yes I can absolutely see myself writing more. I still have many more yarns to spin.


Corky: If your readers get only one thing out of reading your work, what would you want it to be?

Patrick: Entertainment. That’s all I can ask for, anything else is a bonus.

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