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Beyond The Words, Past
A Science Fiction / Fantasy Column
By Courtney Skelton   

Midnight City
A Conquered Earth Series
By J. Barton Mitchell

J. Barton Mitchell has created a world that not only captivates the interest of every hard core science fiction fanatic, it also is so well written that it will keep even the casual sci-fi fans turning the pages until the end. The core characters are easy to get to know, and even easier to get to like. Each character opens up to the point that you understand them and see them as real characters It is surprising how far the story goes in a relatively short story. I personally liked Holt Hawkins the best. Very rugged exterior with a fair amount of insecurities to make him a real person. He keeps going forward but never forgetting where he came from and never stops trying to keep the past from overshadowing the present. There are plenty of well-planned out surprises as well and twists that more that counteract some things that are easy to see how they are to play out. The best science fiction I have read in a couple of years. Highly recommended. I am not really a fan of series books, but if time allows, I would not mind picking up on the next book of the series, to learn more about where everyone goes on from Midnight City.

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