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Clive Barker

By Clive Barker

Sacrament by Clive gripped me from the start. It is what seems to be a small-scale tale, yet over the course of the book, mushrooms into a bunch of directions. Every character is accounted for along the way, every dialogue was genuine and real to everyone, and the ending was worth the wait. I loved the fact that Clive created a world that did not have anything to do with and or was like anything else he has written. The one down side- and the only one- was the reoccurring use of the word din. It was totally plausible each time, yet its constant use almost had me wishing I had counted all the times it was used, so I would have a total tally at the end. Having said that, a great book with a breadth that seemed to have no bounds. Recommended.

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Courtney Skelton


Courtney has been writing since a young age, with several stories to date, this being his first published. Courtney lives in Belvidere, IL with his supportive wife Robyn, and dog Snoopy. He is a huge sports fan, and would love to see the day where we could all live as one.

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