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A Boy From Lawrence
The Collected Writings of Eugene F. Connolly

Sally A. Connolly, Editor

      A Boy from Lawrence is different from most memoirs, in that it was written as it was lived. This is no looking-back nostalgically at past events, but an honest look at things as they happened to the author.

Connolly's wife Sally has collected and edited speeches, published articles, journal entries and other writings to produce a delightful account of a loving husband, father, friend and human being. While the items are not strictly arranged chronologically, the writing lets the reader see the growth of the writer both as a writer and as a human being. Throughout the book, the author's spirituality is evident and his concern for his family and his fellow man is in the forefront.

At the end of the book are two eulogies that do a great job in summing up what Connolly meant to his family and friends. The first eulogy is by his daughter Jen and the second by a special friend, Dr. George H. Bailey.

A poem (that I suppose was used at this funeral) expresses what Connolly would want to ask of his family and friends at his death: "Grieve not,/nor speak of me with tears, /but laugh and talk of me/As if I were beside you/.. . ./I love you so--/'twas Heaven here with you.-Isla Paschal Richardson

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