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One Kid's Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess

by Matthew Paul Turner

      Matthew Paul Turnerís Churched is a humorous account of his days in a fundamentalist church.† The incidents he relates are of a serious nature and certainly must have caused him a lot of anxiety, but he handles it all with humor that at times is the laugh-out-loud kind.† The sanctimonious pastors are with us today, and at times the reader might be inclined to ask, "Did that guy go to our church or did our minister go to his?"

There is nothing especially new about the things Turner relates, but this is one of the times (if not the only time) these subjects have been treated in a humorous way.† Despite the humor, the reader will not fail to see some of the silliness that goes on in churches today.† However the reader will be gladdened by the good news that Turner proclaims:† that even the church canít drown out the message of Jesus...

Anyone who is familiar with certain sects is sure to be familiar with the idea of womenís and men's hair.† Turner handles this without being overly critical of the action.

While not one of the most important subjects, the instance where Turner and his pals prayed that Jesus would stay away until 1998 so they would have time to engage in sex, was a down-to-earth wish for the boys at that time.

Nearly every page contains a passage, whether it be a full story or a one-liner, that slams the church but yet comes across as harmless humor.† The book should be read by church members of all sects and especially by church leaders.† This one is a winner.

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WaterBrook Press
October 7, 2008
1400074711 / 978-1400074716
Memoir / religion
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