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A Weight–Loss Memoir

by Jennette Fulda

      Loved it!  This girl really put her mind to her task and accomplished a weight loss that few can, even with the best doctors and diets.  Jennette went from 372 pounds to 186 pounds, half her weight in two years. For those "gotta have it now people," it didn’t happen overnight and there were pitfalls, but her determination kept her from sinking back and she managed to plod on to a happy ending.  And that is all she ever wanted, was to be happy.

I am equally impressed that she had the fortitude to develop a web page which inspired so many people to support her and give them lessons she learned that might in turn inspire them to follow suit.  What a testimony to her strength.  You go girl!  Her daily report on her Blog kept her fans informed of every victory and setback and the photo journal of her transformation is unique.

Half-Assed is such an inspiration to all of us who need to lose even a few pounds.  She proves that setting one’s mind to something can be a great advantage in the weight loss game.  Her writing style is honest, direct, and witty.  It is a fun book to read.  And in-between the lines is a warm, sensitive tone.

When asked what her secret was, author and now weight-loss guru, Jennette Fulda, couldn’t say there was one.  If she had a secret to her success it was simply that she did it.  At the end of the book she still had ten pounds to go, but you know she is going to do it.  Ten pounds is no hill for this stepper.

Dare I say that after reading this book you will be inspired to get off your derriere and do it yourself.  If anyone can, you can.

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Seal Press
May 1, 2008
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Reviewed 2008
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