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A Walk with Jane Austen
A Journey into Adventure, Love, and Faith

by Lori Smith

      Lori Smith has interwoven a magical memoir with the life of Jane Austen. A lifelong Austen fan, Smith decided to travel to England and follow the path of Austenís life there. Along the way, she kept this delightful memoir which chronicles her discoveries about Austenís life as well as her own.

This is definitely the sort of book youíll want to settle down with while sipping a good Earl Grey. Smith portrays herself as a very likeable yet flawed heroine who you will find yourself cheering for as she battles a mysterious illness that leaves her exhausted all the time, searches for love, and tries to make her life meaningful. At the same time, Austen fans will be enchanted by Smithís encounters in the land of Austen as well as the tidbits about Austenís life. You will come away from this book feeling like you are a good friends with both Smith and Austen, and youíll probably want to follow it up with a good dose of Pride and Prejudice.

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Nonfiction - Memoir / Travelogue
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Sarah Lomas
Reviewed 2008
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