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How I Play Golf

by Tiger Woods
with the editors of Golf Digest
Read by Tiger Woods, Walter Franks


I admit I don't play golf. I don't even know how to play golf. I suppose, if the truth were known, I'm more like the Bob Hope version of a golfer—making imaginary swings and using the club as a prop. I want to learn to play, even at my advanced age, but this 4 CD, four hour audio series probably isn't the best way. For sure, Tiger Woods is addressing very skilled golfers who may glean a bit of technical know-how from him. And there's no doubt Tiger Woods has changed his game since the making of the audio series. Even an unskilled observer such as I can see he has changed his game. But what we see, through his words and the voice of Walter Franks, is Tiger Woods the person who has come to be a golf superstar. This is by no means a memoir, but we—everyone—can glean his personality from his technical language.

Tiger speaks of how he learned, the challenges he faced during certain tours, the famous shots—all those things that make Tiger who he is and those things that separate us from being a Tiger Woods. I'm sure the technical bits of information he gives, the jargon phrases and words known but to golfers, are helpful in making a good golfer a bit better. But this audio series seems best fit for the Tigerphyles, those who own bits of Tiger memorabilia just because it reflects a bit of Tiger. We see as much about Tiger the man in this series as we see of Tiger the golfer. I enjoyed listening to it, but I find I'm still leaning against my club and haven't taken a single swing at a real ball.

The Book

Hachette Audio
May 2010
Abridged Audiobook 4 CD/ 4HR
978-1-60788-206-0 / 160788206X
Nonfiction / Biography
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NOTE: Bonus .pdf includes photos from Golf Digest

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Chris Querry
Reviewed 2010
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