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A Childhood Subject to Debate

by Mark Oppenheimer

      As a mother of a smart, articulate boy who was named "The Most Out of the Box" by his gifted program teacher in seventh grade, I found Wisenheimer a fascinating read. For the first time I was given full access into the inquisitive mind of a smart boy who, like mine and also to his mother's dismay, couldn't stop arguing.
Seeing it in perspective, it makes perfect sense that the boy, Mark, would thrive as a member of the debate team and that by using his need to use big words in such an environment would find himself free to adapt better to every other aspect of life and enhance his relationship with his peers.

The author is an excellent writer and although it is a memoir (a coming of age story, as the author tell us in the video available at, the book reads like fiction and also succeeds as a non-fiction book. For instance, it explains the different types of debate competitions and the debate circuit with vivid images and examples that makes it easy to understand.
Funny and inspiring at the same time, I highly recommend this book for anyone who ever felt different at work or school. For those with smart, inquisitive children, it is a must read.

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Free Press / Simon & Schuster, Inc.
April 2010
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Reviewed 2010
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