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James Fox, Keith Richards
Read by Johnny Depp, Joe Hurley, Keith Richards

Hachette Audio
2010/ ISBN 9781600242403

Reviewed by Carmen Ferreiro

Keith Richards, the lead guitarist of The Rolling Stones, needs no introduction.
His life, written in collaboration with James Fox and read by Johnny Depp and Joe Hurley with contributions by Keith Richards himself, needs 20 CDs to be told.

The story itself is fascinating.

Starting with his childhood in an impoverished post World War II London, Keith gives a candid take on his life, including his drug use, his skirmishes with the law, his relationships with family, colleagues and women. And most of all, his ongoing love affair with music. For as he puts it, “Music was a far bigger drug than smack. I could kick smack; I couldn’t quit music.”

Keith and The Rolling Stones (“The world’s greatest rock band”) made news headlines many times. Not always related to music, for there were drugs and shocking behavior and close escapes from jail. But according to him, music always came first. And listening to his memoir, I believed him, for his love of music comes unquestionably through.

If you are a fan of The Rolling Stones you cannot miss this memoir and if you are not, you will love it anyway, for this is the story of a man who, despite his unorthodox and sometimes outrageous take on life, is basically a sound human being.

Don't forget to open the PDF file with pictures that is included in the last CD


Reviewer's Note: Unabridged Audiobook / Approximately 23 HRs

Reviewer Carmen Ferreiro-Estebanis the author the young adult fantasy Two Moon Princess with Tanglewood Press and four nonfiction titles with Chelsea House.
Reviewed 2011
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