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Still Foolin’ ‘Em
sWhere I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys?
Billy Crystal
Read by Billy Crystal

MacMillan Audio
January 1, 2013 / ISBN 9781427229502

Reviewed by Carisa Brock-Farrington


In their neighborhood of Long Island, The Crystal boys were an unstoppable force – a trait Billy has never lost in his life so far and is determined not to give up any time soon. He and his brothers, along with his mom, dad, uncles, aunts and eclectic friends molded a universe of love, laughter, and jazz. From this amazing, and at times very emotionally rough, childhood, Billy would emerge a very open-minded funny man destined to win over the hearts and loyalty of many, many people.

In this audiobook, Crystal covers his lifetime in a way only a true wordsmith can. From his envelope-pushing work as Jodie Dallas on the show “Soap,” to his own contributions to the movie world like “Mr. Saturday Night,” he covers all of his career in a charismatically candid fashion. He talks about his friendships, his marriage, his kids, and his slow, painful acceptance of growing old.

The first time I saw Billy Crystal was in the movie “City Slickers”. I remember immediately falling in love with his personality. I always knew this man had made himself a modern legend in Hollywood, but I had no idea about his background or his family. I’ve listened to this audiobook twice so far, and every time I pick up on something different. There is so much to this man’s life that is amazing and emotional that I found myself sucked into his world for hours. I didn’t think it was possible to gain more respect for a man I’ve admired for years, but after hearing about his life and career, I have definitely done just that in epic fashion.

The audiobook contains narrations as well as stand up recordings. He actually performed parts of the book in front of a live audience, which allows us listeners to understand just how close he holds his life on stage to his heart.

I recommend this for everyone, young and old, who have seen this man’s work on TV, stage, and screen. There is some adult content and language, but it’s so well-delivered, your sides will ache from laughing.

Reviewer's Note: Still Foolin' 'Em is the Winner of three Audie Awards -- Audiobook of the Year / Narration by an Author / Humor
Reviewed 2014