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To Sing Frogs
A Memoir
John M. Simmons

White Knight
June 15, 2013 / ISBN 978-0972591669

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

To Sing Frogs is the second book from award-winning author John M. Simmons, who uses his wonderful talent to raise awareness of the plight of children in Russian orphanages. While his first release, The Marvelous Journey Home, is a fictionalized novel regarding Russian adoption, this book is a down-to-earth recollection of the difficulties and joys of International adoption.

John and his wife, Amy, already have three sons when they decide to adopt girls from Russia. During the process, they discover the tragedy of far too many youngsters destined to remain in an orphanage system struggling to feed and care for the mass of abandoned children, and the futile future that faces them once out of the orphanages.

Throughout the book, John's easy writing style puts you right at home as he reveals the conflicting emotions and frustrations throughout the adoption process, not only for himself, but for Amy and the five children they ultimately adopt. As a parent of two children of International adoption, I identified fully with John's exasperation at each roadblock along the way, and joy he and his wife shared as they added to their existing family.

To Sing Frogs is part memoir and part travelogue, with wonderful humor sprinkled throughout, but it is truthfully a journey of love and family commitment - a true story to warm the heart and soul, and stir the embers of faith that those precious and lonely children left behind will also find loving homes someday.


Reviewer's Note: John M. Simmons, an award-winning author, resigned as the President/CEO of White Knight Fluid Handling, Inc., to spend time focusing on adoption awareness and the charity he and his family founded, Ele Lembra (He Remembers), a 501(c)(3) public charity that assists children without parents as they age out of orphanages.
Reviewed 2013