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All the Gallant Men
An American Sailor's Firsthand Account of Pearl Harbor
Donald Stratton and Ken Gire
Narrated by Mike Ortego

November 22, 2016/ ASIN: B01JGR4SCS
Nonfiction / Biography / Audiobook – Unabridged 5 hrs. 55 min.

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt


Five Stars. This is an exceptional memoir of a time in history like no other. And this book is like no other. I don’t think there is an American alive that doesn’t have some interest in the historical account of Pearl Harbor. If you have ever been to the Arizona on Oahu, Hawaii, you will immediately feel the fate of those lost and injured and honor those who survived.

And this author did just that. And, he wrote a book about it. A firsthand account doesn’t get any better than this. What an amazing story from a boy from Nebraska. This is a tribute to all the Gallant Men of the USS Arizona. Donald Stratton did not simply survive that fateful day in December, he endured, but not without a struggle. He was burned and climbed to safety only to witness the destruction and devastation of his ship and its sailors. He beat the odds when the doctors wanted to amputate. He spent a year in rehabilitation. As he recovered from his wounds and returned to Nebraska, he was determined to re-enlist. Crazy? Maybe. But his sense of duty to his country propelled him.

This audio book is exceptionally read by Mike Ortego as the author’s first-hand account. The narrator does such a good job telling this story as the author would himself that the reader is immediately pulled in and clings to every word. The material, the title, and the author are all a part of such exceptional bravery, that you are compelled to attend.

Very well done. Every American should read this story. You will never hear it told with this much passion and feeling anywhere else.

Reviewed 2018