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Backroads Boss Lady
Happiness Ain’t a Side Hustle – Straight Talk on Creating the Life you Deserve
Jessi Roberts, Bret Witter
Read by Jessi Roberts

Hachette Audio
March 5, 2019/ ASIN: B07n1wrb54
Autobiography/ Audiobook - 9 hrs. 14 min.

Reviewed by  Nicole Merritt

Small town, BIG story. Roberts’s narration of her own story is detailed, thought provoking, and informative. Cheekys is a brand built out of determination and desperation, planning and preservation. It is a contradiction in failure and success. Roberts should be awarded a medal for endurance, because when you finish this book you will feel like you have run a marathon right alongside her.

Great story, great narration. If you know the brand, Cheekys, you will appreciate the story behind it. Moreover, a purchase of the product will be a vote of confidence for Roberts. If you live in a small town or run a boutique business or both, this is a must read. The hardships that this woman battled and still pushed ahead to become a millionaire are overwhelming. Listeners should take notes.

She lost her twin boys in a custody battle, she and her line were labeled “cheap”, and her son was bullied in school. These may seem like common situations, but add to that a young history of incomprehensible abuse that would stop anyone in their tracks. Roberts went on to create a successful marriage and business out of the wreckage.

I am impressed, if you can tell, and I think you will be too. Listen to this on the drive to your own entrepreneurial pursuits, and you are guaranteed to be able to overcome anything. I give this one an A+.

Reviewed 2019