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The Burn Zone
A Memoir
Renee Linnell

She Writes Press
October 9, 2018/ ISBN 1631524879
Genre / Nonfiction Biography/Memoir

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt


Lakshmi: one name, one woman, one room, all the control. “What just happened to me?” asks Renee. What just happened to her is what happens to many people who are searching for answers in all the wrong places in the wrong state of mind. And, unfortunately, other people prey on those people. In a room full of innocent and unlovable searchers, a magic trick so intense and so intimate is all Lakshmi needed to bring them home to her.

Renee Linnell had been searching all of her life for “Home”. An unhappy childhood had left her with many skeletons in her closet that she had not let out. She needed a place where she could be herself with all her flaws and inconsistencies. When she begrudgingly went along with her friend to a meditation, she found herself returning for more. She got swept up and pulled in and before she knew it, her friend was gone and she was being asked to be a greeter for the seminar. Next, she filled out an application to be a student in Lakshmi’s university.

When Lakshmi talked, she commanded the room. Renee was becoming an avid follower.

Enter Vishnu with all his charm. Renee needed to feel special and when he began singling her out, she felt loved. She had two degrees, graduated Magna Cum Laude, ran five different companies, and was getting her MBA. This was no ordinary woman.

As Vishnu increased his attention, Renee forced herself to love him, but felt empty. As he pursued her, her intuition told her to run. The more that she was around them; she noticed that they did not practice what they preached. One day she blurted out, “I hate you, you fat hag!” Where did that come from, it must be the occult. And so begins the end, or the awakening.

This is a story for anyone and everyone. Daughters of princes, college students, military officers, fathers, mothers, the wealthy, famous, it doesn’t matter. Anyone is subject to the brainwashing of the occult. The purveyors of the devil’s works are seasoned, articulate, masters of manipulation. This is a sad story, but it is also a story of hope and exhilaration!

Renee Linnell has written a memoir that can help anyone who has succumbed to this type of manipulation and brainwashing. Her story is one of bravery and courage and lays the path for others to follow if they are trapped and need a way out. This is a testament to faith, losing it, finding it, and keeping it.

Reviewed 2018