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Going to the Mountain
Life Lessons from My Grandfather, Nelson Mandela
Ndaba Mandela
Read by Ndaba Mandela , Michael Boatman

Hachette Audio
June 26, 2018/ ASIN: B07BHVJDP1
Biographies & Memoirs /Audiobook - Unabridged - 7 hours and 38 minutes / Audiobook

Reviewed by  Nicole Merritt

This book is a first in many ways. Authentic to its core. Be ready to hear about Nelson Mendela's life through the eyes of his grown grandson, Ndaba Mendela. Through his own voice, you will hear the love and affection through his truth about a man he grew to admire greatly.
It is the first story ever told about him firsthand through his grandchild.

He met his grandfather for the first time at age 7, while Mandela was serving time in prison. It was near the end of his life and to him the old man was a stranger. He knew of him through his works and his stories, his interactions with others, but had not been face to face with him until this day.

Mandela's wife had been imprisoned, tortured, his sons he had not seen in years, and his grandchildren he had never met until this day.

That day, while grown-ups talked, Ndaba watched a movie, "The Neverending Story" with his cousins. What he remembers now is summed up in the watching of that movie, which he says embodies the very story of his grandfather and others like him, such as Martin Luther King, Ghandi, and Jim Crow.

Arrested in 1962 for inciting a violent protest and leaving the country without a passport, an alleged part of a treasonous government overthrow, he was sentenced to life in prison.

Although Mandela was released 1990 when the ANC became legal again, he had missed entire generations of life changes and technological advances. Twenty-seven years of opportunities had been taken away and his resolve was still as strong upon his release. It was a great moment for 100's of 1000's of people who were elated to see him.

The apartheid was still ongoing upon his release and Mandela's philosophy was to keep charging ahead even if you cannot see an end, even to die for it.

His fight never ended. It is still a fight that he was prepared to give everything for, including his life, so that change would come. He did not care that he would not see that change, only that he kept up the fight to help others to see it. That was enough.

Later he became President of South Africa and won the Nobel Peace Prize. Today, there stands a statue of Nelson Mendela, arms raised.

Up until his unexpected death in 2013, he still saw hope.

He is the truest test of a man's faith, courage, and hope. He not only lived for change, but he died for it.

Going Up The Mountain is a chronicle of Mandela's works, yes, but also a lesson in living in peace and harmony with the world. It is a lesson in forgiveness. It is the retelling of the teachings of one of the greatest men who ever lived.

Great life, great story, great book. It is a must read!

Reviewed 2018