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Traveling High and Tripping Hard
Joseph Davida

Dark Planet Press
January 2018/ ISBN 978-0999397503
Nonfiction /Memoir

Reviewed by Emily Decobert


At the tender age of eight, Joseph Davida survived ingesting a killing level of PCP, angel dust. As he detoxed, he saw visions of both the devil luring him into service and angels assuring him of his own goodness. The angels told him the horrors of his vision wouldn’t come to pass as long as he saved the world.

Gee, no pressure there.

This book is the tale of Davida traveling the world, searching out the best high to aid him in his quest for self-actualization and world saving. Instead of a book where it is simply, I got high over and over, readers travel along with Davida as he struggles to make sense of his vision and himself. Davida lures you into his both touching yet hilarious journey with scenes any reader will emphasizes with as they remember their own life journey. Over and over readers will laugh and groan, remembering themselves trying to sort out life as a young adult.

Traveling High and Tripping Hard is a great book for not only seeing the world through different eyes, but seeing every man in one man’s journey.

Reviewed 2018