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A Survivor’s Story
David Thibodeau, Leon Whiteson
Read byRobert Fass

Hachette Audio
January 16, 2018/ ISBN 1478998865
Nonfiction/Biography / Audiobook - Unabridged / 13 hours

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt



How did a Bible toting abused rock musician become a celibate Branch Davidian teacher at a momentous time in history?

And, how did a fellow rock musician become one of nine survivors of an FBI siege on the Koresh commune in Waco, Texas?

A chance meeting.

David Thibodaux met David Koresh met because of a common interest in music, but as Thibodeau became caught up in the teachings of Koresh, he found himself questioning his own reasoning for agreeing to follow Koresh’s demands to join up with him. He loved women and sex was an important part of his manhood. In spite of this, he could not keep himself from joining the group in Waco and agreeing to be a celibate member of Koresh’s family. He even invited his mother to visit the commune and see for herself that there was nothing wrong with it.
As the days went by, Thibodeau began to question Koresh’s teachings and was aware of the community’s distrust of him.

Thibodeau’s account of the Waco saga is slightly askew. He paints a picture of a happy little group of waywardly rebellious people. Antiestablishment people who at, meeting David Koresh, simply followed along with his modest but intense spiritually led philosophies. And, with no real direct intent of taking on the establishment, simply wanted to be left alone.

And, of course, most readers know that it turned into a horrific battle leading to the deaths of innocent men, women, and children in what has become one of the most historic cults in American history.

Waco is a first-person account that is worth reading, if only to gain more of an insider’s viewpoint of what went wrong. I found it both interesting and compelling. The narration is very good and does not distract from Thibodeau’s own account.

Reviewed 2018