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Joan Schweighardt Giveaway
1 Winner


Precipice & Pentecost
by TC Joseph

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Joan Schweighardt Giveaway

Last Wife of Attila the Hun by Joan Schweighardt

WINNER: Linda Harrison, TN

Chloe T Barlow Giveaway

Three Rivers by Chloe T Barlow

More at choletbarlow.com

WINNER: Constance Norwood, TX

Penguin Random House

The Gates of Evangeline by Hester Young

More at Penguin Random House

WINNER: Wanda Flanagan, NC

Penguin Books

Miss Emily by Nuala O’Connor

More at Nualaoconnor.com

WINNER: Pamela Scott, SC

Tor /Macmillan Giveaway

The Devil’s Only Friend by Dan Wells

More at www.thedanwells.com

WINNER: Rebecca Eddy, MI


William Morrow Giveaway

night, night, sleep tight by Hallie Ephron
(Mailed directly from MyShelf)

More at William Morrow

WINNER: Holli Greer, ME


Hachette Audio
2 Lucky Winners / 1 Audio Each

The Escape by David Balddaci
Hope to Die by James Patterson
(Mailed directly from MyShelf)

More at Hachette Audio: Hope to Die - The Escape

WINNER: Tim Younger, PA - Richard Deyarmond, CA

Source Books Contest

Perdita by Hilary Scharper 
(Mailed directly from the publisher)

More at Source Books

WINNER: Carol Luciano, NJ

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