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2019 Winners

JAN 2019


FEB 2019




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DEC 2019

2018 Winners

JAN 2018

Sex, Drugs, Enlightenment
by Alex Walking

More at

WINNER: S. Spurlin, GA
(Book mailed)

FEB 2018

The Infinite Future
by Tim Wirkus

WINNERS: Maggie Blanch, Christine Smiga, Joy Adair
(Books mailed)


Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32
Written by B.C.R. Fegan
Illustrated by Lenny Wen

WINNER: Rosemary S., Ocala, FL
(Book mailed)


The Dante Chamber
by Matthew Pearl

WINNER: Erin N., Canada
(Publisher mailed book)

JULY 2018

Better Late Than Never
by Jenn McKinlay

WINNER: Tina McCright
(Book mailed)

AUG 2018

Bought the Farm
by Peg Cochran

WINNER: Lily Qin
(Book mailed)

SEPT 2018

Every Wicked Man
by Steven James

WINNER: Don McClure
(Book mailed)

(Brandon Evans
Emailed 2X / No Response)

OCT 2018

A Date With Murder
by Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain & Jon Lano

WINNER: Susan Marshall
(Book mailed)

NOV 2018

A Wrench in the Works
Fixer-Upper Mystery #6
by Kate Carlisle

WINNER: Frances Burd
(Book mailed)

DEC 2018

Poison by Punctuation
Chalkboard Outlines
by Kellye Kaye

WINNERS: @micklovesbooks & @Gemiinii90
(ebooks emailed to winners)

2017 Winners

JAN 2017

K Street
M A Lawson

WINNER: J. Waxman, DC

FEB 2017

Their Promised Land
Ian Buruma

WINNER: B. Vollbach, MI

MARCH 2017

World, Chase Me Down
Andrew Hilleman

WINNERS: 1. E Reesor, KY - 2. I. Yeates, NY
G Rader, VA - 4. D McClure, NC
5. KW Kuhn, OH

APRIL 2017

Saratoga Payback
Stephen Dobyns

WINNER: J Berger, NM

JUNE 2017

#BabyLove: My Toddler Life
Corine Dehghanpisheh

WINNER: S. Williams, PA

JUNE 2017

Quiet Until the Thaw
Alexandra Fuller

WINNER: J. Miller, KY

JULY 2017

A Hundred Thousand Worlds

Bob Proehl

WINNERS: 1. M Takala 2. J White 3. K Haske

Aug 2017

All We Shall Know
Donal Ryan

WINNER: L. McDonald, TX

SEPT 2017

  Eastman Was Here - Alex Gilvarry

WINNER: J. Fiske, VA (book)


Mary Poser - Angel A
(2 e-books (iBook) / 1 Paperback)
[e-book vouchers must be opened within 4 weeks
of the voucher being created (an iTunes rule)]

WINNERS: M. Thomas, CO (ebook);
D.Guyette, CT (ebook)
; E. Carter, TX (book)

OCT 2017

  Weave a Murderous Web
Anne Rothman-Hicks & Kenneth Hicks

WINNER: Melissa O., NC

nOV 2017

Yrsa Daley-Ward


Dec Giveaway

John Douglas & Mark Olshaker


1. Renee G, WA
Jessica J, IA
3. Rosemary S, FL