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Decorating Cakes With Chocolate
Scrumptious Recipes and Original Chocolate Decorations

Katrien Van Zyl

Search Press
September 1, 2012 / ISBN 978-1844488629
How-To Books/Sugarcraft

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Since the time of the Aztecs chocolate has always been popular; and that shows no sign of changing. So push aside that sugarpaste and decorate your cakes with the brown stuff instead for a change!

A quick glance at this book will show you some colorful creations so if you thought that chocolate had to be just brown or white then think again. Of course there is plenty of that too, but coloring chocolate with a variety of food coloring substances produces some lovely results and extends the versatility of the medium. This is a project book about the decorating process not a recipe book but there are several cake recipes in here at the back, along with methods for things like buttercream and various fillings and coatings. Learn all about how to choose the right type of chocolate and how to work with it for best results, plus a look at the back will give you advice on how to disassemble the cakes for eating. The bulk of the book is the projects themselves, which all come with both staged photographs plus a handsome full page image of what it is supposed to look like if you have followed the instructions properly. These are fairly detailed, but I would not suggest this book for a cake-decorating beginner. There are nature-inspired cakes with leaves or flowers, a gift box filled at the top with strawberries (real ones), abstract and spiky modern creations, a cake topped with Christmas trees, a tower of cupcakes, a modern wedding cake and more. I like the way this designer has tried to tweak tired old traditional ideas and bring them into the 21st century and they are sure to appeal to a wide range of people, men too. There are lots of tips and ways of smoothing the process and making sure it all goes to plan and I can recommend this book to all intermediate sugarcrafters who want to try something a bit different.


Reviewed 2012