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Dr. Fife’s Keto Cookery
Nutritious and Delicious Ketogenic Recipes for Healthy Living
Bruce Fife, ND

Picadilly Books
May, 2016/ ISBN 978-0941599979
Nonfiction / Nutrition / Cookbook

Reviewed by Leslie C. Halpern


Certified nutritionist, naturopathic physician, and prolific author Bruce Fife presents nearly 450 recipes in his newest cookbook, which focuses exclusively on maintaining a ketogenic diet. The state of nutritional ketosis is the body’s metabolic state when it’s burning fat as the main fuel instead of glucose. This is achieved by eating very low carbohydrates, moderate proteins, and high-fat foods.

Dr. Fife spends a few pages talking about the benefits of a ketogenic diet, particularly for those with epilepsy, but doesn’t discuss the possible downside of such a high-fat diet. His purpose isn’t to convert skeptical readers into adopting this nutritional style. Instead, this cookbook is written for those either already intrigued by or committed to eating this way.

Illustrated with black-and-white photographs of the prepared dishes, the recipes are divided into 12 chapters, plus an introduction. The chapters offer his favorite keto recipes for sauces and gravies, salads and dressings, soups and stews, vegetable dishes, wraps, beef, pork, lamb, poultry, seafood, breakfast and eggs, and snacks and appetizers. Recipes feature serving sizes, and nutritional information, such as fat grams, net carbs, protein grams, and calories. An index in the back of the book also helps readers locate specific recipes.

Heavily spiced and rich in nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, butter, sour cream, milk, and cheese, many of these recipes sound truly delicious. Served in a lettuce wrap, as a soup, or on top of vegetables, these dishes offer a break from high-carb breads, buns, and crackers. Rather than bland recipes, these foods are accented with tasty cream sauces, tangy dressings, and spicy accents for maximum flavor.

The book even offers a few treats. Items such as Cinnamon Peach Souffle, Pineapple Souffle, Apple Souffle, and Blueberry Souffle provide breakfast or brunch dishes with fruit, coconut oil, and cinnamon for a savory flavor with a hint of sweetness. Generally, the ingredients used in these recipes are ordinary items found in most groceries or health food stores.

For anyone interested in adopting this program for eating, Dr. Fife’s Keto Cookery provides hundreds of wonderful recipe options.

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Reviewer Leslie C. Halpern is the author of four nonfiction books, including 200 Love Lessons from the Movies and four children's books, including Silly Sleepytime Poems.
Reviewed 2016