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Kitty Aldridge - A Trick I Learned from Dead Men
     (Ficton) After the disappearance of their father and the sudden death of their mother, Lee Hart and his deaf brother, Ned, imagine all is lost until Lee lands a traineeship at their local funeral home and discovers there is life after death.
Toni Anzetti - Typhon's Children
     (Fantasy) To the new colonists, the teeming, ocean-dominated planet of Typhon seems a wondrous and exotic paradise—until the land erupts with incomprehensible violence, consuming the colony in a fiery hell. Per Langstaff is a scientist obsessed with the life-and-death mystery, certain that the answer to the colony's survival lies with the virulent planet itself. His staunchest ally, Dilani, is a rebellious young girl born deaf to sound and convention, an orphan as unruly as the oceans themselves.
Andrea Barrett  -  Servants of the Map
     (Historical Litrary) Science, obsessions and romance intertwine in this collection of literary short stories and novellas by the author of Voyage of the Narwhal. (deaf character in one of the novellas)


William Benton - Deaf Elephants

      A sad, but ultimately victorious story of deaf elephants. The plight of deaf elephants has been largely unrecognized by even the most caring pachydermatologists, but Benton's goal is to change all that. These deaf heroes of the animal kingdom face constant danger and must endure the thoughtless prejudice of their eared counterparts. Even zoos shun them. Yet through it all they prevail: they fall in love, dance to their own imagined music, and they face the world courageously. As you immerse yourself in this story, you will find yourself enthralled with the deaf elephants' huge, brave hearts.


Doris Betts - The Sharp Teeth of Love
     (Fiction) Paul Cowan is able to hear only by using powerful hearing aids. There is a love interest.

Alice Blanchard - The Stuntman's Daughter and Other Stories: Stories
     (Fiction/short stories) One has a deaf character. This award-winning collection explores the lives of such diverse characters as a deaf girl struggling to cope with the loss of her parents, a loving father who must decide whether or not he can accept his Down syndrome daughter, a teenager who learns to respect his blind rival for a girl's affections, and a lesbian who, despite the fact that her life is out of control, manages to assert her own identity.

William Peter Blatty  -  Legion : a novel
(Horror) Includes a deaf character.

 The Exorcist III: Legion" brings back Lieutenant Kinderman - the detective from the original "Exorcist" - and this time makes him the central character of this new story. Father Dyer - Father Karras's friend from the first one - is also back. --

Lois Bragg (Editor)  -  Deaf World : A Historical Reader and Primary Sourcebook
     Essays, speeches, articles, and short stories to provide an "authentic self-portrait of the American deaf community."
Sue Breitner -  The Bookseller's Advice
      (General/Literary) Charming story of a bookseller who has read every book in his shop and shares his wisdom with all the villagers who come in - until he begins to lose his hearing, which causes him to mistake one word for another, with some humorous results in the advice he gives.

Alan Brennert - Her Pilgrim Soul
Previously published under title: Her pilgrim soul and other stories. The story, Sea Change, has a deaf character.

Darryl Brock  -   Havana Heat
     (Sports related fiction) Havana Heat takes readers back to 1911 America, where thirty-six-year-old Luther Taylor, legendary deaf pitcher, is trying to work his arm back into fighting shape. A real-life star pitcher for John McGraw's New York Giants, Taylor helped lead his team to the pennant, winning 115 games between 1900 and 1908. But an injury relegated him to the minors, and he dreams of one last shot at the big time. He gets his chance when McGraw invites him to join the Giants on a barnstorming trip to Cuba. There, Taylor faces off against the tough Havana teams ... and meets a deaf Cuban boy with a spectacular pitching arm.


Terry Brooks - The Talismans of Shannara (Heritage of Shannara, Bk 4)
Series includes a deaf character, Garth.( Heritage of Shannara) - The Scions of Shannara, The Druid of Shannara, The Elf Queen of Shannara, and The Talismans of Shannara


Michael A. Burstein - Volume 2 of Michael A. Burstein: Short Stories
"In Space, No One Can Hear" has a deaf character.

   Volume 2 of Michael A. Burstein: Short Stories contains the Nebula AwardR Nominee "Bug Out!;" the Analog Reader's Choice Winner "TeleAbsence;" the Hugo Award Nominee "Cosmic Corkscrew;" and the Nebula AwardR Preliminary Ballot Nominee "Spaceships." Three more excellent short works, "The Cure," "Vanishing Tears," and "In Space, No One Can Hear," round out this collection.

Charles Laird Calia  -   The UnSpeakable
     (General) A mute priest who uses sign language is given the healing gift. Another priest is asked to investigate him.


Albert Camus  -  First Man
David Hapgood (Translator), Foreword by Catherine Camus
(Fiction / Literary) From the Publisher 
The First Man is a radiant, deeply moving novel of childhood. Camus intended it as the opening book of a projected epic - his War and Peace - but in its storytelling magic and its evocative power, it has a satisfying completeness on its own, covering, as it does, the years of Camus's childhood in Algeria. As he recaptures memories of growing up fatherless with a deaf-mute mother and an illiterate, tyrannical grandmother, Camus renders the poverty of a working-class neighborhood transcended by all the sensuous pleasures that nourish this boy's young life - the escapes to the beach and to the soccer fields with his schoolmates, the joyous hunting expeditions in the backcountry with his uncle and his cronies, the sounds and smells of the streets and docks of Belcourt, the delights of the sun and the sea, and his overwhelming love for his silent mother.

James Gillies Casey  -  The Legend of Five Great Deaf Ghost Stories
      (Horror) various ghost stories. Very simply written. Can be read by children as well as adults. Portrays deaf ghosts as they would have behaved in their times.
Wilkie Collins  -  Hide & Seek: The Mystery of Mary Grice 
     (Classic) Traditional British, 1830s, - At the center of this 1854 work, a secret waits to be revealed. Why should the apparently respectable painter Valentine Blyth refuse to account for the presence in his household of the beautiful girl known only as Madonna?  Skillfully plotted tale of gentle deaf-mute girl and shocking circumstances of her birth. Blends pathos, domestic comedy, humor and social protest.

Don Coldsmith - World of Silence
     (Historical) Born deaf and mute, Speaks-Not lives in a world of silence apart from his people, who later rename him Hunts-Alone for his successful hunting methods. Years later, the Forest People attack his encampment and kill his family, and the old man and his surviving young granddaughter follow a path of destiny, boldly carrying the seeds of their ancient heritage into an uncertain future.


Glen Cook - Dreams of steel: second book of the South
(Fantasy) The fifth chronicle of the Black Company. Includes a deaf character.

A. C. Crispin, Kathleen O'Malley - - Silent Dances (Starbridge, No 2) - Silent Songs (Starbridge, Book 5)
      Silent Dances: (Science fiction) Deaf since birth, Tesa is the perfect ambassador to the alien Grus, whose sonic cries can shatter human ears.
Silent Songs: (Science fiction) On the planet Trinity, the deaf human ambassador Tesa is joined by a young telepath who can communicate with Trinity's aquatic beings.
Cecil Dawkins - The Quiet Enemy
     (Fiction/short stories) One story has a deaf woman in it. In seven stories set in the rural South and West, Cecil Dawkins displays her remarkable talent for getting beneath the surface of ordinary lives and revealing their foibles and idiosyncrasies. An old deaf woman is kidnapped by a stranger she takes to be the devil; an atom bomb is tested in the Arizona desert; a man shoots a housebreaker dead; a son comes home for a funeral; a child disappears; a boy has his faith destroyed; a parched, money-grubbing man meets a woman no less hard.

Gordon R. Dickson  - In Iron Years
     (Sci-fi / fantasy)   A collection of stories - --Homecoming. --A taste of tenure. --The hours are good. --Gifts. --Zeepsday. --Things which are Caesar's.

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Richard Dooling  -  Brain Storm: A Novel
      (General/Literary) Lawyer Joe Watson has just been appointed to defend James Whitlow, a white supremacist charged with murdering his wife's black, deaf lover. 
Niall Duthie - Duchess's Dragonfly
     (Fiction/Fantasy type) In the burning attic of a Spanish palace, 42 copper engravings - a deaf artist's gift to a young Duchess - melt to a bubbled lump. Many years later, these metal images are recreated, the story they told reconstructed through the memory of an unusual narrator, the Duchess's own pet monkey.

out of print

Karina L. and Robert A. Fabian (Editors) - Leaps of Faith
      (SF) Inspirational SF short stories. Deaf character, Chloe, in the short story "The Convert"

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William Faulkner -   The Mansion
      (Historical) 1897-1962 - The 3d vol. of the author's trilogy, Snopes, the 1st of which is The hamlet, and the 2d, The town. Linda Snopes Kohl, a major character, was deafened in the Spanish Civil War.
Sara Flanigan  -  Alice: a novel
     (General/Literary) Includes a major deaf character. A story of inner strength, of ordinary people helping others overcome hardship with the extraordinary power of love. Young Ellie finds the courage to secretly teach a young deaf girl to speak, play, and count--transforming an entire town shadowed by ignorance and cruelty.


Pete Fromm - King of the mountain : sporting stories
The short story, Grayfish, has a deaf character. ``Grayfish,'' the tale of a man's friendly fishing competition with his deaf brother, provide a window into a way of life and the people who follow it.


Walter Firner - Johnny Belinda

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Brian Grant   Not Guilty
     (General/Thriller). Hit and run accident and the growing friendship between two teenagers, one Deaf and one hearing.1994 (0-9518552-1-2) Listed here to give grownups a chance to discover it, too.
Brian Grant  -  Quiet Ear
(Classic Fiction) Deafness in Literature -  Anthology - a compliation of all deaf characters that appear in classic fiction, e.g. Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Walpole, Lord Byron, et al.) 
Joanne Greenberg   -  In This Sign
       (General/Literary) Abel and Janice Ryder begin their married life together with all the hopes and dreams of a young couple deeply in love. But before long they realize that their deafness stands as an immense barrier between them and the society that seems to work only for those who can hear.
Dennis Guedj - Parrot's Theorem
     (Fiction / adventure)Mr. Ruche, a reclusive Parisian bookseller receives a library of mathematical books. He explores the story of maths. Max, a deaf boy whose dysfunctional family live with Mr. Ruche, finds a voluble parrot in a local fleamarket. The bird talks about math too. Mr. Ruche teaches Max and his twin brother and sister the mysteries of Euclid's Elements, Pythagoras' Theorem, etc. The library turns out to be a key wanted by those who shouldn't have it. Adventure begins.
(September 18, 2012)

Georgina Harding - Painter of Silence
      (Fiction) It is the early 1950s. A nameless man is found on the steps of the hospital in Iasi, Romania. He is deaf and mute, but a young nurse named Safta recognizes him from the past and brings him paper and pencils so that he might draw. Gradually, memories appear on the page: the man is Augustin, the cook's son at the manor house at Poiana, where Safta was the privileged daughter. Born six months apart, they had a connection that bypassed words, but while Augustin's world stayed the same size, Safta's expanded to embrace languages, society, and a fleeting love one long, hot summer. But then came war, and in its wake a brutal Stalinist regime, and nothing would remain the same.


Jules Hardy - Altered Land
      (Fiction) A tragic accident on a boy's 13th birthday forever changes the lives of a mother and son (John) in this haunting debut novel. The accident-which leaves John deaf and his mother facially disfigured-at once strains and strengthens their bond. --

The story picks up27 years later when JohnDavies is a successful carpenter in Bristol.

James Herbert - Shrine: The Number One Chiller Writer
     (Thriller/horror) A little deaf-mute girl called Alice has a vision in which a lady in shimmering white says she is the immaculate conception. Suddenly, Alice can speak and hear again, and can perform miracles. But Alice's power may not be heaven-sent.

Ernest Hemingway For Who the Bell Tolls
      (Classic) - Spain--History--Civil War

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Janette Turner Hospital  - Amazing Grace
      (Ladies Home Journal) (June 1986) The main character, Grace, is deaf.

Chenjerai Hove - Ancestors 
     (General/Literary) About a deaf woman. Takes place in Africa.

Ralph Hubbard  - Queer Person
(General/Literary) Relates the experiences of an outcast deaf-mute Indian boy as he grows to adulthood and eventually becomes a great leader.
E. Patrick Hull   -   Portraits of Forgiveness
      (Fiction) Chad Atkins has become deaf and his mother, Anne, blames his doctors who refuse to talk to her. As a medical malpractice suit, filed by country lawyer Sam Trestle, begins to rip Anne's family apart, Anne is forced to choose between money, revenge, truth and compassion as she fights to prove her case against the medical establishment and the powers of a small Tennessee town.

William Humphrey - September Song
   (From Library Journal) The critically praised novelist ( No Resting Place , LJ 5/15/89) devotes much of his third short story collection to characters who are aging or near death. One story, "The Dead Languages," portrays an old newspaperman increasingly imprisoned by his deafness.

Frances Itani  -  Deafening
      (Fiction / Historical (WWI)) Grania O'Neill loses her hearing to scarlet fever. She attends Ontario Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. She will become a nurse at the Belleville hospital. She meets Jim Lloyd who goes off to war. Will they ever see each other again?
Jill Jepson (Ed.) - No Walls of Stone: An Anthology of Literature by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers 
    (General/Literary) Short stories, fictional excerpts, essays, memoirs, poetry and a play tell about experience of deafness

Let's Sign LLC

George Joslin - A Life After Deafness
     (Fiction) A brand new book about deafness, deaf culture and ASL from fictional deaf people as they share information about their culture. Great resource for sign language classes and interpreter training programs.

Primary characters, and most of the others, in the book are deaf.


Madison Jones - Season of the Strangler
     (Fiction) Includes deaf character, Earl Banks

John B. Keane - An Irish Christmas Feast: The Best of John B. Keane
      (Fiction) With enough good cheer to warm the heart throughout the holiday season and the long nights of winter, Keane's congenial volume revisits the Christmases celebrated by characters like Dotie Tupper and Johnny Naile, the doughty Canon Doyle and deaf Canon Cornelius Coodle, the amiable spendthrift Aenias Mackson and Hiccups O'Reilly, who disappears one Christmas Eve for seven years.
Colin Kersey - Soul Catcher
     (Horror) Black Wolf, the ancient Shaman of the Caribou People and their last survivor, leaves his ancestral lands in Western Canada to go to Seattle, driven by a confusing vision that tells him of a final task he must perform and of a boy with no ears. But before he can perform his final quest, he is murdered by a gang of Seattle street punks. With his last breath, Black Wolf calls upon the spirit wind, Williwaw, to avenge his death and complete his mission. Now all of Seattle with have to pay for the desecration.... Seattle and its environs are suddenly hit by a series of deadly gale-force winds, winds that strike from nowhere, causing massive death and destruction. Only Evan Baker, a twelve-year-old deaf boy with a gift for second sight, understands that these winds are not some freak meteorological phenomenon. Only he knows that this wind is intelligent, that its attacks are just part of a scheme of revenge, and that, when its revenge is complete, the wind will be coming for him.


David King - The Ha Ha
(Fiction) Howard Kopostash, wounded as a soldier, is unable to talk. Love interest.

Mary King   -   Stolen Shadows
      (Fiction) Stolen Shadows is the first in a trilogy of novels that tells the remarkable story of a family touched by physical disability. Bryan and Lauren McFadden are medical professionals in the field of physiotherapy. They build a home for teenagers and young adults with physical disabilities and special needs. Adam, deaf from abuse and impaired by seizures, is the first teenager to arrive. He's never known a loving family and has never experienced affection.


Blair LaCrosse, Michelle LaCrosse - Silent Ears, Silent Heart: A Deaf Man's Journey Through Two Worlds
       Includes a major deaf character. Silent Ears, Silent Heart gives the reader a glimpse into the language, culture, and life of a deaf person, but it does more than that. The reader's heart becomes intertwined with Christopher's so that he or she is inspired to be empathetic toward the plight of deaf individuals.


Jay B. Laws - The Unfinished
      (From Publishers Weekly) This chilling work uses standard horror fiction situations to illuminate the dread of living and dying with AIDS. The stories center on Jiggs, a hearing-impaired gay man tortured by the recent death of his parents. Seeking escape, he moves into a long-vacant San Francisco apartment. Following several supernatural occurrences, the apartment is revealed to be haunted by the Unfinished, spirits whose lives ended prematurely through tragedy, violence or betrayal. Jiggs's initially adversarial relationship with his spectral housemates soon becomes a partnership when both parties see each other as instrumental to ending their own suffering. The stories unfold via visitations by three Dickensian ghosts offering accounts of their deaths.


Harper Lee - To Kill a Mockingbird

There are two deaf characters (minor characters) in Chapter 27 of the book. They are Sarah and Francis Barber (affectionately referred to as Misses Tutti and Frutti Barber). The sisters are both deaf and while Tutti lived in a world of silence, her sister used an ear trumpet. (Thanks Sharon!)

Peter Lefcourt  - Abbreviating Ernie: A Novel
      Includes a minor deaf character. (X-rated theme / dark humor)
out of print
William J. Locke   Ancestor Jorico  
       Includes a deaf character. (Published in 1929). Adventure novel of the descendants of a buccaneer and piratical old sea captain, and their search for his hidden treasure.


David Lodge - Deaf Sentence

Deaf Sentence tells the story of Desmond Bates, a recently retired linguistics professor in his mid-sixties. Vexed by his encroaching deafness and at loose ends in his personal life, Desmond inadvertently gets involved with a seemingly personable young American female student who seeks his support in matters academic and not so academic, who finally threatens to destabilize his life completely with her unpredictable-and wayward-behavior.


Arthur Luhn - In the Name of Silence
(author is deaf, too.)
   Includes a deaf character. There exists amongst us, a minority culture unique by the form of language it uses—sign language. It is a culture rapidly disappearing in today's world dominated by great emphasis on technology. The history and folklore of this culture is dissipating. Is the future dismal?

      Saul Giverns, jobless and living with his mother, suddenly arises with a Quixiotic notion to stop the backsliding of his culture. Assisted by an unwilling squire with a hidden agenda, Giverns loses no time in stirring up a storm. His bizarre ideas translated into foolhardy bravery seemingly galvanizes a sleeping culture awake.

Dacia Maraini, Dick Kitto (Translator), Elspeth Spottiswood (Translator) - Silent Duchess
      (Historical Fiction) Sicily, early eighteenth century. The story of Marianna Ucria, the daughter of an aristocratic family and the victim of a mysterious childhood trauma that has left her deaf and mute, trapped in a world of silence. Set apart from the world by her disability, Marianna searches for knowledge and fulfillment in a society where women face either forced marriages and endless childbearing or a life of renunciation within the walls of a convent. When she is just thirteen years old, Marianna is forced to marry her own aging uncle. Her status and wealth as a duchess cannot protect her from many of the horrors of that time: she witnesses her mother's decline due to her addiction to opium and snuff and her father's cruelly misguided religious piety as he participates in the hanging of a young boy.
Nicole Markotic - Yellow Pages: A Catalogue of Intentions
      (Fiction/informative) A novel that travels not only through the life and mind of Alexander Graham Bell - the man whose "little contraption" changed the way the world communicates - but that gives his voiceless wife the chance to spin her own magical tale of love and logic, to let her fingers do the talking. In a journey back through time to Boston and the younger years of one of our most famous inventors, Yellow Pages follows the repercussions of Bell's further inventions and interventions in the deaf community. Yellow Pages is a sensual tale about missing senses, a life story told through the explosion of touch amidst all the silence.
Sara Maitland - Ancestral Truths
     (Fiction) There were possible reasons given for the disappearance of the two hikers on Mount Nyangani -- one is Clare might have killed him. Clare can't remember and deals with the loss of her hand. She goes home to Scotland.where her large, loving, questioning, and uncomfortably acute family become almost unbearable. Her mother's High Church concern, Anni's sharp-tongued radicalism, saintly Felicity's internal fury, and her deaf niece Alice's fascination with the prosthetic hand seem at first to distract from Clare's problems, until the aristocratic family's pieties pierce her cocoon of post-traumatic amnesia.
Carson McCullers - This Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
      (Fiction) John Singer, a deaf-mute in a Georgia mill town during the 1930s, and on his effect on the people who confide in him.


Jenny McPhee - The Center of Things
    .(Fiction) Character Marie Brown is described as a too-tall half-deaf woman




Patrick O'Leary - The Gift
    (From Library Journal) O'Leary made a widely praised sf debut with his first novel, Door Number Three (LJ 9/15/95). Here he weaves a magical tale about the Usher of the Night, a deaf boy king, and Tim, the woodcutter's son, who becomes the Wind Tamer. In a land where most magic has been forgotten, only Mother Death can vanquish the Usher of the Night, with help from the Wind Tamer. O'Leary cleverly embeds tales within tales as he layers and intersects his story lines.


Duane Simolke & Writers Uniting Against Cancer - The Acorn Gathering
       (Fiction) From a scandal-rocked town in West Texas to a Blackfeet Indian reservation in Montana, these short stories take readers to surprising places in America and the human heart! Duane Simolke edited this fiction collection and wrote four of its stories. Jan Chandler (Austin, Texas), Shawna Chandler (Lubbock, Texas), Huda Orfali (Damascus, Syria), Timothy Morris Taylor (Houston, Texas), and Bill Wetzel (Cut Bank, Montana) also contributed stories. All author and editor royalties from this book go to the American Cancer Society!

A deaf character, Chandler Davis in Simolke's story.


Duane Simolke - The Acorn Stories
      (Fiction) Find these tales and more in Duane Simolke’s fiction collection. “Survival”: A young teacher (both deaf and gay) clashes with his school's emphasis of uniformity over diversity and sports over academics. “Knock”: A father sees his daughter abandon her Mexican heritage, and he now fears other types of abandonment. “Flip, Turn”: A different scene from the narrator’s amusing but unproductive life comes to him every time he turns to swim in the opposite direction.

A deaf character, Chandler Davis in Simolke's story.

Rachel Simon - The Story of a Beautiful Girl
 (Fiction) It is 1968. Lynnie, a young white woman with a developmental disability, and Homan, an African American deaf man, are locked away in an institution, the School for the Incurable and Feebleminded, and have been left to languish, forgotten. Deeply in love, they escape, and find refuge in the farmhouse of Martha, a retired schoolteacher and widow. But the couple is not alone-Lynnie has just given birth to a baby girl. When the authorities catch up to them that same night, Homan escapes into the darkness, and Lynnie is caught. But before she is forced back into the institution, she whispers two words to Martha: "Hide her."
Maurice O'Sullivan (Ed.), Jack C. Lane (Ed.)- Florida Reader: Visions of Paradise
     (Ficton/ short stories) Anthology of writings about Florida-a historical and literary introduction to our state's rich and diverse culture. From early Spanish myths and Seminole and African-American folktales to the latest descriptions of modern Miami. For students of literature and Floridiana. DEAF STORY: (sports - fighting) An unlikely trio of a deaf-mute Black fighter, his elderly manager, and a young orphan girl travel the Florida countryside putting on fight shows.

Victor Pemberton  -  The Silent War
     (Fiction) A saga set in North London during the Second World War, in which the life of a rebellious young girl is radically altered when she loses her hearing after a bomb hits the building where she works.

Stevie Platt - Go to the Hill
     (Fiction) This compelling novel examines the lives to two deaf women as they come of age during the era of World War II. Friends since childhood, Jeanette and Maria share in their struggle for independence and validation in a world that often mocks their deafness. Readers will easily relate to these two characters as they deal with traumatic and personal challenges that ultimately transform their lives.
Atiq Rahimi, Erdag M. Goknar (Translator)  -   Earth and Ashes
      When the Soviet Army arrives in Afghanistan, the elderly Dastaguir witnesses the destruction of his village and the death of his clan. His young grandson Yassin, deaf from the sounds of the bombing, is one of the few survivors. The two set out through an unforgiving landscape, searching for the coal mine where Murad, the old man's son and the boy's father, works. They reach their destination only to learn that they must wait and rely for help on all that remains to them: a box of chewing tobacco, some unripe apples, and the kindness of strangers.

Sir Walter Scott - The Talisman
(The Works of Sir Walter Scott - Volume 38)
     Includes a minor deaf character, a slave who saves Richard from an assassin.

Keith Scribner  -  Miracle Girl
     (Fiction) - a deaf Vietnamese woman channeling the Virgin Mary to produce miracles in NY. Is she for real?
Vikram Seth - An Equal Music  
     (General/Literary) A pianist is going deaf, but hasn't told her old friend who has come to see her.

      (She has all the signs of someone trying to hide her new deafness -- lip-reading, faxing, etc. Book focuses more on the old boyfriend's life, though - Mature theme
Shankar  -  Four Deaf Men
      (General/Literary) Has a deaf character. Takes place in India.

Stephanie A. Smith  -  Other Nature  
      (Fantasy) (From Booklist) Smith delivers her most beautifully crafted book to date, a haunting tale of coastal Oregon several generations in the future. It recounts the lives and loves of Monkar, a small community of seaside residents who have found protection in isolation from a nationwide viral epidemic. Among the residents are Sheila, whose eccentric daughter, Ona, demonstrates a mysterious affinity for the sea, and Nathaniel, who miraculously survives certain death by drowning with the help of his deaf-mute son, Tomas. In fact, as Monkar's citizens pay closer attention to their children's uncanny ability to swim like seals in the nearby ocean, it becomes clear that their offspring are subjects of an unfathomable genetic experiment that will ultimately allow them to escape their diseased surroundings by evolving "back" into the sea.

Tobias Smollett - The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle
     This includes Memoirs of a lady of quality (introduction by G.K. Chesterton and illustrations by John Austen) -- Title Vignette. Includes a deaf character.


Jessica Stirling - Prized Possessions
      Glasgow during the Depression. Lizzie Conway has clawed her way out of the worst slums of the Gorbals, all for the sake of her three precious daughters, Polly, Babs and poor, deaf Rosie. But the girls themselves seem to be determined to make marriages as unwise as the one she made.

Lalita Tademy  - Cane River
      (General/Historical) Deaf character, Palmire, is sister to one of the main characters. Her life as a slave on a creole plantation  is mentioned at the beginning of the book.
(Referred to as deaf and dumb, which was typical and not considered offensive as it is today. Character is mentioned often  and takes part in the first two chapters of the book. Only communications were homemade signs. Narrator mentions them during scenes, but doesn't always describe them - an emotional read)

Morton Thompson  - Not As a Stranger

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Phil H Troyer  - Father Bede's Misfit   

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Anne Tyler  -  Searching for Caleb
(Literary fiction) Includes a deaf character.

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Etienne van Heerden  -   The Long Silence of Mario Salviati: A Novel
     (Fiction) South African Karoo. A fabulous merman sculpture miraculously appears.Yearsonend's violent and magical history of feuding families, troubled love, and corrosive greed, the narrative shuttles between the past and the present, link two patriarchs with shadowy pasts, an earthy angel, a woman without a face, a ragtag band of soldiers, and a host of other colorful characters. Deaf character is: Mario Salviati, a deaf, dumb, and blind Italian stonecutter who holds the key to many of the town's secrets.

Katherine Vaz  - Saudade 
      (General/Literary) A Portuguese sailor and his wife give birth to a deaf and mute, but wildly loving baby girl. Supernatural myths and legends of the Azores are included in this unusual story.
out of print
Helene Maria Viramontes, Dutton - Their Dogs Came with Them
     .(Fiction) In Their Dogs Came with Them j ourneys to a 1960s East Los Angeles neighborhood that is being decimated to make room for a new freeway. In these pages you will meet, among others, a deaf child who is archivist of all the rapidly disappearing details of the neighborhood, a gang girl determined to purge every ounce of vulnerability from the female body she so uneasily inhabits, a brilliant young man whose loving heart is in constant battle with his unquiet mind, and a saintly young woman who, like the ancient, birdlike voladores appointed by Aztec priests, believes in the power of faith to hold her up as strongly as the wind.
Lewis Wallace - The Prince of India: or Why Constantinople Fell
     (General/Literary) (Notable American Authors)

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Sharon Oard Warner - Learning to Dance: And Other Stories (Minnesota Voices Project)
The short story, "Learning to dance", contains a deaf character.

Elizabeth Webster - Jonnie Alone
      (General/Literary) Young boy's search for his father Johnnie is an abused child, made deaf by the repeated beatings of his brutal stepfather. Age 12 with a family of half-brothers and sisters neglected by a flighty young mother.
Maia Wojciechowska - A Single Light 
    (General/Literary) "The radiant story of a deaf-mute child, a priceless statue-and a miracle" set in Andalucia, in the southern part of Spain.

Wyatt Wyatt - Catching fire
Includes a major deaf character.

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