Deaf Characters in Fiction
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V. C. Andrews - Melody

(Logan Series #1) Growing up in a hardscrabble West Virginia mining town, Melody Logan often wished that her flighty, movie-star-gorgeous mother, Haille, wasn't so unhappy. But in the warmth of her wonderful father's unwavering love, Melody always felt safe and secure - until a dreadful mining accident tore her from her family's moorings. Melody was still devastated by her father's death when she came home from school to find her mother gaily packing suitcases. They first stop on Cape Cod to visit with her father's family. Melody had barely met her cousins - handsome Cary, whose twin sister, Laura, had recently been killed in a tragic sailing accident, and May, a sweet, deaf ten-year-old - when her mother stunned her with the news that Melody was to stay on the Cape with these strangers.

Jean F. Andrews  The Ghost of Tomahawk Creek ~  The Flying Fingers Club ~ Hasta Luego, San Diego ~ Secret in the Dorm Attic 

The Flying Fingers Club series. A deaf boy who takes up solveing mysteries with his sister and friends.     

(Read this entire series. Lots of deaf characterization, signing and emotions with the deaf and the hearing who surround him. Good Job!)

Jennifer Armstrong - Mary Mehan Awake
(Young Adult)

Mary Mehan is Irish and blind. She meets someone who understands her but communication is hard… he is deaf. Takes place around the Civil War.

Madelyn Arnold  Bird-Eyes

In 1963, being different can be illegal-as sixteen-year-old Latisha, a lesbian runaway, discovers when she is sentenced to treatment in the locked ward of a mental hospital for being "incorrigible" and a threat to society. Her best friend in the ward is Anna, an older deaf woman committed for depression. Although she's forbidden to communicate in sign language, Anna teaches Latisha and gives her a name: "Bird-Eyes." Their growing friendship and their alliance against the hospital oppression forms a bond that is the catalyst for Latisha's eventual act of defiance. 

Eleanor Poe Barlow - Master's Cat: The Story of Charles Dickens as Told by His Cat

     For the last decade of his life, Charles Dickens lived at Gad's Hill in Kent. His companion in the evenings was a lille deaf cat. Each chapter of his enchanting biography begins with the cat relating an actual happening at Gad's Hill, moving Dickens to tell stories from his life, which the cat thoughtfully renders chronologically.


T. J. Brown - Read My Lips
[Teen/Young Adult]

Popularity is as easy as a good secret. Serena just wants to fly under the radar at her new school. But Serena is deaf, and she can read lips really well-even across the busy cafeteria. So when the popular girls discover her talent, there's no turning back.


Loving April - Melvin Burgess

Someone mad was screaming at them from the upstairs window of a house next to the station. It was a girl. 'Oh, that's April. Don't mind her...Deaf and dumb, see.' Abandoned by his father to a life of poverty, Tony is angry with everyone, and desperately lonely. April Dean, the deaf girl, needs friends too. But their growing relationship arouses deep prejudices which threaten to engulf not only Tony and April but also the whole village. This moving and powerful love story is about two very different people, worlds apart.

Kate Chester - Death in the Afternoon ~ Missing ~ A Time of Fear ~   Sudden Death ~ Dead and Buried ~ Playing With Fire  
      (Young Adult) (Hear No Evil Series)

Sara Howel is smart, beautiful and deaf. Trouble seems to happen all around her. Being the daughter of a detective, Sara's natural instincts lead her to unravel mysterious occurrences.

Missing:Sara Howell is smart, savvy, beautiful and deaf and thinks Kimberly Roth has it all. But Kimberly has a problem--she's missing. The police think she just wanted to get attention. But when Sara--who senses real foul play this time--digs for clues, she puts her own life in jeopardy.

Clarissa Conrad - Never the Same Again

Set on a lonely smallholding, the home of student Cathy Tomas, this mystery story entails stolen silver, a dead dog, a handsome gypsy, a deaf-mute farmworker and an orphan boy looking for someone or something to love.

Stephen E. Cosgrove  - Harmony - Laughter Ring - Sharing
(Teen - YA) (Song of the Sea Trilogy Book 3)

Meant for the entire family, the Song of the Sea series includes original color illustrations. The story, as sung by whales and dolphins, is finally understood by a deaf scientist, Sharing, the first human ever to understand the son of the sea creatures.

-- not sure if the deaf scientist is part of the story --

Barbara Corcoran -  It is a Dance To Still Music  
(Young Adult)

Deafened by an illness, fourteen-year-old Margaret refuses to accept her condition and runs away in fear that her mother's remarriage may mean she'll be sent to a boarding school for the deaf.


Candace Bowen Early- A Knight of Silence
 ( Young Adult - Medieval Romance)

Nineteen year old Reina of Kenwick knows a lot about adversity. Deaf from a childhood illness, she is about to be banished to a convent by her cold and distant father. Baron Fulke of Erlegh has a tragic past. Throwing himself into a life of battle and debauchery, Fulke is removed from the field and commanded to take a bride. King Henry I. is a changed man since losing his only son and heir in the White Ship sinking. Intent to name his only daughter, Matilda, the first Queen of England, he seeks advantage over powerful opposition. Discovering Reina's unique ability to lip-read, Henry separates the two lovers and coerces Reina to spy for the crown under threat of harm to Fulke. In a battle between love and loyalty, Fulke and his courageous band of knights enact a plan that will free Reina from the king's grip or cause all of them to be executed for treason in... A Knight of Silence.

Jean Ferris -  Of Sound Mind
(Young Adult)

A high school senior who is the only "hearie" in his deaf family. Frustrated daily by his family's demands and depressed by the silence that dominates his house, Theo seeks solace with thoughtful, purple-haired Ivy. Ivy, also the hearing child of a deaf parent, understands better than anyone what Theo is going through.


Sara Flanigan - Alice

A story of inner strength, of ordinary people helping others overcome hardship with the extraordinary power of love. Young Ellie finds the courage to secretly teach a young deaf girl to speak, play, and count--transforming an entire town shadowed by ignorance and cruelty. Scheduled for a made-for-TV movie on Lifetime Television.

Brian Grant - Not Guilty
    Cumberland & Westmorland Herald Newspaper & Printing Co Ltd. 1994. (0-9518552-1-2)

 (General/Thriller) Hit and run accident and the growing friendship between two teenagers, one Deaf and one hearing. out of print


Peni R. Griffin - Switching Well
     Ages 10-14

Includes a deaf character. Two twelve-year-old girls in San Antonio, Texas, Ada in 1891 and Amber in 1991, switch places through a magic well and try desperately to return to their own times.


Leslie Davis Guccione - Tell Me How the Wind Sounds 
(Teen) (Point)

An ordinary summer at the beach becomes a life lesson in love and understanding when fifteen-year-old Amanda meets Jake, a seventeen-year-old deaf boy.

Ruth Hallman - Breakaway
 Teen/Young Adult

Kate and her boyfriend Rob who has recently become deaf run away to Georgia where Rob can learn to live independently without interference from his mother.


Jules Hardy - Altered Land

A tragic accident on a boy's 13th birthday forever changes the lives of a mother and son (John) in this haunting debut novel. The accident-which leaves John deaf and his mother facially disfigured-at once strains and strengthens their bond. -- The story picks up 27 years later when John Davies is a successful carpenter in Bristol.


Marc Heyez - Smelly Hearing Aids and Fishy Lips
  (Teen / YA)

Egg Flounder is your average teenage boy in all ways except for one thing: he is deaf. This is Egg’s journal of his “floundering” attempts to live in a hearing world: taking speech lessons from old Mrs. Tautog so not to sound like a “Frenchman with a cold”, coping with loud whistling hearing aids, squinting to lip-read his girlfriend in a dark disco and many other hilarious misfortunes. We are treated with Egg’s absurd and surrealistic philosophical musings, his ad-libbed school presentations and just plain wonderings, such as why the biblical Adam is portrayed as having a belly button?


Kief Hillsbery - War Boy  
(Teen / YA)

Fleeing an abusive father, fourteen-year-old Radboy takes to the road with Jonnyboy, an older friend and mentor who is the only person Radboy believes he can trust. On the bus headed out of town they hook up with Finn and Critter, a couple of speed-freak boyfriends who take a shine to both of them.They also meet Ula, who is mourning the death of her fiancó and taking a trip across the United States in his memory.The five become fast allies, united by personal loss and by the allure of intimacy only friends in the throes of conflict can understand.

Radboy is a Deaf skateboarding runnaway (Thanks K. Trost from Indiana)

Lois L. Hodge - A Season of Change 
      (Teen / Young Adult)

13 year old Biney is hard-of-hearing. She want's to show others she is smart and independent.

Sheryl Jordan - A Raging Quiet
     (Mystery) (Young Adult)

A young woman who falls in love with the town "simpleton" who it turns out, is deaf.


M.E. Kerr - Is that you, Miss Blue?

Flanders Brown goes to a boarding school. New friend Agnes Thatcher is deaf girl. The incidents involving Agnes provide a contrast between the relatively easy adjustments the students make for Agnes' deafness and the negative attitudes of the instructors.


M. E. Kerr - Gentlehands
(Grades 7-12)

Includes a major deaf character. A teenage boy falls in love with an "upper-class" girl and gets to know his estranged grandfather in one heartbreaking summer which climaxes in a shattering search for Nazi war criminals.

Mary King  -   Stolen Shadows
      Stolen Shadows is the first in a trilogy of novels that tells the remarkable story of a family touched by physical disability. Bryan and Lauren McFadden are medical professionals in the field of physiotherapy. They build a home for teenagers and young adults with physical disabilities and special needs. Adam, deaf from abuse and impaired by seizures, is the first teenager to arrive. He's never known a loving family and has never experienced affection.

Joann Klusmeyer -  What About Me
(Teen) (Christian Reader)

A young Christian is torn between his responsibilities towards his younger deaf sister and his desire to play baseball.

Age Range:9 to 12 years
Grade Range:Grades 4 to 7


Elizabeth Laird, Pauline Hazelwood - The Listener (Graffix)

Gavin would rather watch football than visit his gran. When he finds her injured a deaf neighbour Shelly is able to help. (Graphic / Comic Novel)

Nancy Levinson -  World of Her Own

Sixteen-year-old Annie, moderately deaf since the age of seven, is terrified at the prospect of leaving her special school to attend a public high school.  


Bret Lott - The Hunt Club
     ( "It started with a body, the head of it pretty much gone, the hands skinned." This eerie introduction to Bret Lott's The Hunt Club sets the tone for this novel of murder, violence, and sinister secrets. The settings are dark and sultry: ramshackle trailers, forgotten burial grounds, and the seedy Hunt Club itself, built on "trash land." Events are witnessed through the eyes of 15-year-old Huger Dillard, smart, precocious, and always at the forefront of some crisis or criminal activity. Huger is also the eyes for his uncle, the owner of the Hunt Club who was left blind from a fire that killed his wife. Huger and "Unc" are unwittingly entangled in a web of murder and deceit, and they must solve this classic whodunit. Assisted by a local cook and her young, deaf daughter, this is a fresh and innovative detective team.

Lynn E. McElfresh - Can You Feel the Thunder?
     Thirteen-year-old Mic Parsons struggles with mixed feelings about his deaf and blind sister while at the same time he makes his way through the turmoils of junior high.

Elizabeth Rider Montgomery - The Mystery of the Boy Next Door

Neighborhood children think the new boy is mean until he leads them on a mysterious puzzle-solving hunt.

John Neufeld - Gaps in Stone Walls

Deaf twelve-year-old Merry Skiffe, who lives on Martha's Vineyard in the 1880s, runs away from home because she is suspected of having committed a murder.

Ron Podmore - A Sign to Remember

 Explore the fictional story of Joseph, a 15 year-old Deaf, Sacajawea High School student, growing up in the Puyallup Valley. Not only is he learning to make the most of his hearing loss, but he is also learning American Sign Language. This in addition, he must cope with learning how to drive, and make decisions in a world increasingly fraught with major changes. His day is filled with thoughts of the pretty girl in his Math class named Jessica, and his desires for a date with her. However, life isn't all roses. He soon discovers through a series of incidences that he carries the genes called Usher Syndrome, one that will ultimately render him blind.

Martin Peter Quigley - Original Colored House of David

A seventeen-year-old boy convinces a black baseball team to take him along on their tour as a relief player, but he must pretend he is a deaf-mute albino.


Winona Rasheed - Broken Voices
(Teen, Fiction)

13-year-old Ella Rose is deaf. She moves from Savannah Georgia to Washington DC and starts a new High School.


N.L. Ray - There Was This Man Running
 (Young Adult) (SF)

Summary: A storekeeper's family becomes unwittingly involved with a myterious, menacing being from outer space. Includes a deaf character.

Lillian Rosen - Just like Everybody Else
(Teen, Fiction)

Fifteen-year-old Jenny struggles to resume a normal life following an accident that leaves her deaf.


Elyse Salpeter - Flying to the Light
(Teen / Mystery)

]Seventeen year old Michael Anderson and his deaf kid brother, Danny, find themselves in mortal danger after their parents are kidnapped by ruthless biophysicist, Samuel Herrington. Michael discovers Danny has a powerful gift-he knows what happens after a person dies-and now others want to know, too. The brothers must outwit and outrun Herrington, the FBI, and even fellow Americans in a harrowing cross-country chase, because whoever gets to Danny first will have the power to control the fate of every person on earth.


Sharon Schenbeck - The Hearing Heart

Matt had been completely deaf since he was ten years old. The community where he had grown up mostly ignored him because he never spoke. He could read lips and he communicated by writing in a small notebook he always carried in his shirt pocket. Ruthie's family had taken him under their wing when she was just a toddler. He had been like a big brother to her. Recently there seemed to be a wedge between them. She was afraid she had done something to drive him away. She couldn't imagine what she had done to offend him. Circumstances were not quite what she thought they were. Matt had to distance himself from the people he cared about the most. Not because he wanted to... but because he HAD to.

Susan Richards Shreve -  The Gift of the Girl Who Couldn't Hear

As thirteen-year-old Eliza helps her deaf friend prepare for a singing audition, together they learn about courage and limitations

Virginia M. Scott  - Belonging 

Struggle of a teen girl to accept her new deafness and for others to accept her as well. 

Virginia M. Scott -  Balancing Act

15  year old Beth goes to Egypt and has to deal with her parents divorce.


Virginia M. Scott - Finding Abby
  (Teen and up)

From School Library Journal - -Abby became deaf after suffering from spinal meningitis at 14 and died when she was 16. Her narrative alternates with that of her older sister. Paige comes home from college for Abby's funeral and stays to try to unravel the puzzle of her apparent, but unlikely, suicide. As the young woman interviews her dead sibling's teachers, friends, other deaf people, and people who live with deaf people, in an attempt to put together a portrait of Abby's last years, readers receive lecture after lecture. While the story is filled with descriptions of what it is like to become profoundly deaf after living in a hearing world, there is really very little insight into Abby herself.

Lauraine Snelling - A Touch of Graceal
(Young Adult / Historical fiction )

Daughters of Blessing Series #3 - Norweigan immigrants settled in North Dakota. Daughter Grace is deaf. A Touch Grace is about Grace's journey to independence.

Mark Twain - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The slave, Jim's daughter, Elizabeth is deaf.

Jacqueline Woodson - Feathers

Frannie doesn't know what to make of the poem she's reading in school. She hasn’t thought much about hope. There are so many other things to think about. Each day, her friend Samantha seems a bit more “holy.” There is a new boy in class everyone is calling the Jesus Boy. And although the new boy looks like a white kid, he says he’s not white. Who is he?

During a winter full of surprises, good and bad, Frannie starts seeing a lot of things in a new light - her brother Sean’s deafness, her mother’s fear, the class bully’s anger, her best friend’s faith and her own desire for “the thing with feathers.”

Jane Yolen  -  2041 : twelve stories about the future by top science fiction writers
( Science fiction)

The story: Ear / Jane Yolen includes major deaf characters. Summary: Twelve fictional stories about school life, fads, inventions, and cultural activities in the future by such authors as Connie Willis, Peg Kerr, and Bruce Coville.

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