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Tiger Force
A True Story of Men and War

by Michael Sallah, Mitch Weiss
Read by Harry Chase

      Tiger Force is about an elite group of men sent to Vietnam in the mid 60s. The group is highly praised for their skills, but their instinct to survive sends them over the edge. Eventually, in meeting up with the Tiger Force, other units note their increased violence towards anyone and anything that isnít American. Women, children, elderly and even animals die violent deaths at their hands. At one point an officer notes their thin, wild look from being out too long. Why this officer or any others did not call attention to their behavior or deeds is amazing. Was it a fear of them that kept so many silent? Eventually an investigator comes across a case about a man named "Sam" accused of slitting a babyís throat. The investigation leads to further revelations, and so on. Itís a grisly road of atrocities and unfortunately massive blame for all vets.

One issue I had with the book is the fiction-like dialogue and action -word for word conversation and movement by movement action seems more for entertainment than historical value. Also the lack of knowledge of the two civilian reporters is apparent in how they present the military storyline, but this may work in helping non-military understand - who knows... True the book follows the records, but does focus on the atrocities for shock value, and in turn may revive the hate Vietnam Vets endured decades ago. Itís a book I canít help but recommend because book lovers are individuals who need to decide for themselves. Itís a fascinating listen for sure.

The audio version is read by voice actor Harry Chase. He narrates programs on Animal Planet, National Geographic channel, CNN, A&E and Discovery Network. He does an amazing job. Remember your headphones!

The Book

Little, Brown Adult
May 15, 2006
Audio CD - Abridged edition
Nonfiction History - Military/Vietnam War
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2006
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