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The Imperial Cruise
A Secret History of Empire and War

by James Bradley
Read by Richard Poe


Be prepared to spend hours of uninterrupted time listening when beginning this CD. It is interesting for sure, but if you stop and go back and pick to where you left off, you may need to review what you listened to the last time, to keep up with the story. But, if you are a history aficionado then you will have no problem! You will dive right in and enjoy every tantalizing minute of this behind-the-scenes look at these events in history.

The Imperial Cruise documents Theodore Roosevelt’s mission across the Pacific, contrived to negotiate the groundwork for the Pacific War. Knowing that his daughter was quite a media attraction, he sent her along with the diplomatic group and the future President Taft as part of the plan to deceive the American people. She would prove to be a distraction for the press and allow the group to institute secret treaties and plans with the Asians that would later lead to World War II and the Korean War, with millions killed as a result.

These facts have been conveniently covered up and erased from history. Little was known of this mission until after Roosevelt’s death. Bradley actually traveled this historic trail and uncovered these undocumented facts. When you listen to this audiobook, you will be left with a completely new impression of politics and war. This is a great audiobook for history buffs and anyone who has an interest in war memorabilia. I recommend it to those men in your life who are hard to buy for. They will thoroughly enjoy this CD set. I found the narrator to be effective in presenting the material without teaching, but I definitely suggest you have the time to listen to several discs nonstop.

The Book

Hachette Audio
November 24, 2009
Audio book / Unabridged 8 CD's / Appx 9 hrs and 5 min
1600243959 /978-1600243950
U.S. History / Naval / 1905 / Pacific
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