CUP OF DEMONS by Marilyn Meredith - 2001
Romantic Horror

Reviewed by Amanda  Killgore,

Maginel inherits strange powers and frightening visions upon the death of her beloved, yet eerie aunt.  Haunted by things that make her a trial to her older parents, she is sent away to live with her sister, and there finds some peace.  Years later when she returns home after college, she finds that several of the predictions she made as a girl had come true, but had not brought any happiness. She also finds that her best friend Angela married a young man they had both been interested in, Al.  On the night Maginel's mother dies, she calls for her friend, but before Angela can arrive, she is attacked by demonic forces and dies.

Out of mutual pain and need, Al and Maginel begin a new relationship, at first based upon her taking care of his son. Gradually, it becomes more. However, the fact that she cannot bear to be near anything holy stands between them and marriage. Seeking to remove this barrier, she consults a priest, and as a result enters into a war for not only her soul, but for the family she has come to love.

A powerful statement of faith, CUP OF DEMONS dramatically portrays spiritual warfare in an edge of your seat tale. From page one, the reader is spellbound.

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