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Publisher: 1stBooks Library 
Release Date:  June 2003
ISBN:  1403369763
Format Reviewed: Paperback  
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Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer Notes:  

The Legend of Five Great Deaf Ghost Stories
By James Gillies Casey 

     Deaf since the age of two, James 'Casey' Gillies graduated from Gallaudet University with a B.A. in art. Casey wrote and published The Legend of Five Great Deaf Ghost Stories with both kids and adults in mind, and continues to work on several other stories.

     When I came across The Legend of Five Great Deaf Ghost Stories I was elated. "Finally!" I signed to myself. There are so many deaf-related subjects needing to be told and this is one of them. And after reading it, my hands are shaking in the air, signing merrily in celebration of the book Casey has brought to the hearing world.

A Reclusive Ghost in the Room
     Robert arrives in Little Rock, Arkansas, but can't find a place to stay. Fate leads him to an old house and a third-floor room for rent. But, as it turns out, the room is already occupied by the ghost of a deaf boy. Will Robert flee in fear or stay and help the ghost?

Henrietta, the Old Deaf Lady
     John is driving home from a long trip. He runs out of gas in a storm and finds refuge in the old house owned by Henrietta. Everything seems normal, until John leaves and makes a startling discovery. What's so strange about Henrietta and her homemade preserves? And why won't John ever visit her again?

A Girl in Room 24
     Dr. Davidson rents a room in a New England motel, but he doesn't find peace. The ghost of a deaf girl haunts Room 24. She needs the good doctor's help. Long ago, her father would not let her interact with the deaf world. When she did, her punishment was cruel. Even if he's brave enough to stay and help, can the doctor find what the deaf girl needs to be set free?

A Man in the Lake
     When Phillip, age ten, throws a line in the local lake, he hooks a nightmare that will follow him all the way home. Who is haunting the lake and Phillip? And why is the lake cursed?

The Old Deaf Aunt's House
     It's the late Nineteenth Century. A father and daughter are riding in the rain when they are directed to an old house for shelter. While sleeping in the vacant house, the two are awaked by some unusual ghosts. It finally becomes too much. Terrified, they run for their lives. What kind of ghosts could send them fleeing in such fear? And why do the ghosts keep telling them to "Shhh?"

     Casey's ghost stories are unique in content and easy to comprehend. As I read, I thought of the deaf and hearing kids who would enjoy these stories. The Legend of Five Great Deaf Ghost Stories would make a great choice for Halloween entertainment. Reading it aloud would be fun for all ages. The five stories range in creepiness from "hmmm" to "ewww," so if you have a sensitive young one, you might want to save A Girl in Room 24 and A Man in the Lake for later.