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Publisher: Time Warner Audio Books
Release Date: August 3, 2004
ISBN: 1-58621-657-0
Format Reviewed: Audiobook / Compact Disc
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Genre: Horror
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Jo Rogers

Reviewer Notes:  contains graphic language and violence

Hardcover review

© 2004

Agent Pendergast Series, #5
By Douglas Preston Lincoln Child
Read by René Auberjonois

   Brimstone is the latest chiller from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I became a fan when I heard Still Life with Crows. Brimstone only serves to deepen my admiration for their work.

     Jeremy Grove, wealthy art critic, is dead. He has destroyed the careers of painters and critics alike. Death was what he deserved, some thought, but did he deserve the horrible death he received? Jeremy Grove was burned to death—cooked from the inside out. Vincent D'Agosta and Special Agent Pendergast found his charred body in a bed in the attic. At the foot of the bed was the print of a cloven hoof burned into the floor.

   Had the Devil truly come for Jeremy Grove? Though the evidence pointed in that direction, Pendergast was unconvinced. After all, the hoofprint had been burned into the wood by something that had applied no pressure to the board. Surely, if Satan had stood on that floor, his weight would have left a mark of pressure. But it had not. Pendergast was inclined to look for a human killer, but he was stymied by the method of murder.

   Jeremy Grove had given a party the night of his death. All of the guests noted that he was extremely nervous and seemed to be upset about something. He didn't even drink as much as he usually did. He seemed reluctant for the guests to go home. Then, when one of his guests died by the same method, Pendergast began to wonder if there might be something supernatural about these deaths. His quest for the truth would take him and D'Agosta on their most perilous case ever. Would they survive?

    Read by Rene Auberjonois, who gives another sterling performance, this book is best enjoyed in its audio form. The reading lends an air of reality to the story. It makes an already good book even better.

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