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Dance of Death
Agent Pendergast Series, #6

by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Read by Rene Auberjonois

      Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child return with Dance of Death, featuring Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast. At the end of their last book, Agent Pendergast's brother, Diogenes, was rescuing Agent Pendergast from the niche in the castle in which Agent Pendergast had been entombed. Now, Detective Vincent D'Agosta is charged with figuring out just what happened and who killed Agent Pendergast. D'Agosta and his partner, Captain Laura Hayward, are trying to figure out just how the murder was carried out.

      Before they got very far, there was another murder, then another. Both victims were friends of Agent Pendergast. At both scenes, evidence was left behind of the killer's identity. D'Agosta was in a quandary as to what was going on, until a black limousine stopped and snatched him off the street. The passenger was a strange-looking man D'Agosta had never seen before.

     However, the man soon revealed his identity. To D'Agosta's surprise and delight, the strange man was none other than Agent Pendergast himself. D'Agosta realized then that Agent Pendergast had not been bragging when he said he was a master of disguise. D'Agosta would never have recognized him.

     However, Pendergast had a job for D'Agosta. He needed D'Agosta to help him stop Diogenes. Diogenes had planned a perfect crime, and Pendergast was not his target, at least not directly. He was murdering Pendergast's closest friends and Pendergast was afraid D'Agosta would be next. Pendergast wanted to warn his friend before Diogenes found him.

     Once again, authors Lincoln & Child have concocted a convoluted plot with more twists and turns than a sidewinder. Actor René Auberjonois gives another sterling performance in the reading of this fine mystery. If you liked Brimstone, you'll enjoy Dance of Death. Here is the sequel for which we've all been waiting. Pick up your copy today!

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Time Warner Audio Books
June 14, 2005
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NOTE: Contains violence and bad language

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2005
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